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Women’s Feminine Health / Sexual Health

Many women post partum or over age 35 are faced with a variety of gynecological and urologic problems that include the following: dribbling urine when coughing, sneezing and physical activity / excessive vaginal relaxation or looseness of the vagina / vaginal dryness / decreased sexuality due to pain with intercourse or dribbling urine during sexual activity.  According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 40% of women experience psychological distress from sexual dysfunction, but only 14% consult a physician about sex during their lifetime.  If you are brave enough to mention this to your doctor, he or she may not know the newest treatment options that exist.  Omaha Med Spa can provide you with that solution!

Abbey Hansen PA-C at Omaha Med Spa

Abbey Hansen PA-C Aesthetic Specialist / Provider at Omaha Med Spa

Lexi Toft APRN Aesthetic Specialist / Provider at Omaha Med Spa

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Today, through public awareness and media sources the barriers of communication on issues with regard to female sexual dysfunction and urine incontinence have been broken.  The advent of nonsurgical methods using energy sources for these indications is receiving tremendous response and patient acceptance (Karcher and Sadick, 2016).

What is the best non-surgical treatment option?

We have a treatment that targets all of the above symptoms.  Votiva Forma V is the only machine of it’s kind on the market. There are no competitors that can do what this machine is able to do.  The technology is patent protected and cannot be copied or reproduced.

When evaluating your treatment options you will see Laser and RadioFrequency options.  Laser uses light energy.  One of the best known lasers is MonaLisa Touch, a CO2 laser that has been used for vaginal thinning.  This laser penetrates a depth of 750 microns, which is about 1mm (3/64ths of an inch).  Laser cannot affect the muscularis or muscle layer and as such does not tighten the muscles around the vagina or under the bladder – it can’t as it doesn’t go deep enough. There have been reports of vaginal burns from lasers that resulted in an FDA warning to the public about their safety.

Radiofrequency (RF) uses radio-waves which is much safer than laser for patients.  You then choose between RF equipment that is either “unipolar” or “bipolar’.  The difference to you as the patient is very important.  Unipolar RF machines require application of a “neutral plate” to create an exit point for the radio-waves.  During unipolar treatments the RF energy is greatly dispersed away from the treatment area, towards the neutral plate exit.  Bipolar RF does not need an exit point as the energy is transferred into the vaginal and then exits back through the same pathway.  Our machine is the only bipolar RF treatment for the vagina on the market today and it is called Votiva FormaV.  The bipolar Votiva is able to focus on the energy on the vagina and the muscles supporting the vagina and under the urinary bladder.  In fact, Votiva penetrates 5mm – 5 times deeper than a CO2 laser!  The area becomes heated, but not uncomfortably warm.  This heat triggers the vaginal lining to build new collagen & elastin, and tighten the pelvic floor muscles.

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What can I expect during the Consultation?

One of our female PA’s will obtain your medical history and ask questions about your feminine health.  This is followed by a brief internal vaginal exam to evaluate the vaginal walls for laxity, check for uterine prolapse, weakening of pelvic muscles and locate the cervix, uterus and ovaries.  Speculum exam is not required.  If you are due for a Pap smear you will be encouraged to attend for an appointment with your women’s health care provider. If you are approved for the Votiva FormaV treatment your first treatment will be scheduled.

What can I expect during the treatment visit?

One of our female providers, trained and certified in the proper use of Votiva FormaV, will perform your treatment.  A small vaginal wand is inserted into the vagina with the help of lubrication (a new wand is used for each patient).  The wand is inserted a different depths to complete a full treatment over the next 20-30 minutes.  During this time there may be some mild discomfort and there may be a small amount for spotting of blood.

What is the downtime?

For several days there may be some vaginal discharge and mild discomfort.  Sexual relations may be resumed as soon as you feel comfortable, usually within 2-3 days.  You will start to notice improvement of your symptoms at two weeks and this improvement with continue for up to six months.

How many sessions do I need?

Your provider will determine the best treatment plan for you.  The majority of women will have three sessions spaced one month apart.  Single visit maintenance treatments once per year will be needed to treat the ongoing changes that occur with aging.

How much does this cost?

Single treatment $1,200 / Package of 3 treatments $3,000

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We Offer Payment Plans!! Pre-Qualify with Cherry 🍒

Any same day purchase that totals a minimum of $200 (toxin and Ozempic excluded) may be financed with Cherry, subject to approval.  Cherry is a leading patient “buy now, pay later” option that makes it easy to spread your payments out over time. Quickly get pre-approved for up to $10,000 today using this link!

To receive the best treatment on the market today, Votiva FormaV, you may have to spend a bit more money, but you will be glad you made the investment.  Votiva is the only machine that effectively treats all of the bladder and vaginal symptoms that occur after age 35 in women.





Since 2006, Omaha’s Choice for Botox, Fillers, Testosterone Pellets and The OWL Diet!

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