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Why do so many people choose Omaha Med Spa for Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau?

When you select Omaha Med Spa for your facial aesthetics, you will be meeting with the very best injectors in Omaha.  We know that buying Botox is more than just shopping for the best price.  With Omaha Med Spa you are getting the best possible results and a fair price.  We have what it takes!


Carrie Power aesthetic provider at Omaha Med Spa

Carrie Power PA-C

Brittany Reeg PA-C aesthetic provider

Brittany Reeg PA-C

Maureen Horan PA-C

I got lip filler and botox done by Brittany and she was amazing! Very knowledgeable about the products and she made sure I was aware of every step being performed and was comfortable while doing so. My results are perfect and just what I was looking for! I recommend visiting Brittany for all of your botox/ filler wants and needs! Omaha med spa is my go- to location! ❤️
– Loclyn Lamb Dec 19, 2020

Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau are priced by the “unit” and the number of units used during an office visit will vary based upon several factors – what area of the face is being treated, what is the goal of treatment, gender (men need more units than women), age (we need more Botox as we get older) and patients budget.  Three units of Dysport and needed for each unit of Botox or Jeuveau.

Botox – $12 per unit ($10.50 per unit for “Cash” and “Birthday Botox”)

Dysport – $4 per unit ($3.50 per unit for “Cash” and “Birthday Dysport”)

Jeuveau – $10 per unit ($9 per unit for “Cash” and “Birthday Jeuveau”)

Highly recommend this spa! I went in for Botox and saw Carrie Powers…amazing experience! Loved her evaluation process and recommendations. Very friendly and quick! I will be going back in 3+ months to get it again 🙂
– Kiley Tettenborn Jan 2021

Before Dysport

After Dyport

Finance Plan

Spend at least $500 on the same day and finance your purchase.  On the day of service pay 50% down, 25% in 30 days and 25% in 60 days (plus $20 handling fee at 30 and 60 days).  For example: Spend $600 – pay $300 on the day of service, $170 in 30 days and $170 in 60 days


Birthday Botox $10.50 per unit / Birthday Dysport $3.50 per unit  / Birthday Jeuveau $9 per unit

We want to help you celebrate your Birthday!  During the calendar month of your Birthday you get your treatment at a discount! (“Birthday month” is the calendar month of your birthday OR two weeks before and after the date of your birthday).  You can even buy extra units that month to stock up for the entire year.

Birthday Botox

Cash Discount Botox $10.50 per unit / Dysport $3.50 per unit  / Jeuveau $9 per unit (excludes debit card or check)

Paying with paper money is also a great way to save money on your treatment!

I saw Dr Abbott and Maureen for my Botox, and having experiences at other med spas I was so happy with how incredibly personable and knowledgeable they both are! I’ve been back since and I will continue to always trust Maureen with my Botox and filler!! The front desk is also sooo kind, I can’t imagine going anywhere else.
– Mackie Maurer, Oct 2020 *****


Free Consultation

If you are considering Botox, Dysport or Jeveau for the very first time, we want to encourage you to schedule a one time Free Initial Consultation and facial evaluation with Maureen, Brittany or Carrie.  During this visit you will learn what these amazing products can do, how they work, how long they last, how much it costs and what you can expect to see from treatment. During your free consultation, we will ensure that the outcome of your treatment matches your Goals, Expectations and Budget. You will be provided with a personalized treatment plan, and the cost of treatment. If you decide against treatment there is no charge at your first visit.

before and after Botox frown

Botox Cosmetic is very safe when used properly for facial aesthetics. We use a lot of Botox!  Since opening in 2006 we have completed over 30,000 visits for Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau combined.  You can trust us to offer fair pricing and excellent results!

I had such a wonderful experience! Maureen did a great job and made sure I was comfortable the entire time! This was my first time with these types of treatments and I can’t say enough good things. I will definitely be going back in the future!
– Liz Beber Oct 2020 *****
What you can expect from Botox, Dysport & Jeuveau

Both Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau are administered using small insulin size needles to minimize discomfort. Multiple injections are needed, and the number of injections varies by treatment area, and the pattern of your wrinkles. sandra_BandA-1_botoxRedness and swelling from the injections is normal, but this resolves in several minutes. A small amount of bleeding may occur, and although bruising may occur, it disappears quickly and can be easily concealed.  Most visits result in no bruising.

Before and after Jeuveau frown lines

Before and After Jeuveau to the frown lines

Before and after Jeuveau

Before and after Jeuveau

Before and after Jeuveau

I met with Brittany Reeg PA-C and Dr Abbott today for the first time. I was blown away with the professionalism, knowledge and genuine care given to me. They took the time to truly listen to my concerns, analyze and advise on natural approaches to filler and botox. I am excited about aging gracefully with their help. I highly recommend!! – Stacey Reid Dec 16, 2020 *****

Botox typically takes 3-7 days to start to work. Dysport and Jeuveau work a bit quicker with most patients seeing results in only 3 days. They work by temporarily blocking the nerve connection to the muscle. By relaxing the muscle, small lines and wrinkles soften or disappear altogether. The maximum relaxation is usually seen after 1-2 weeks. The benefit of Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau lasts an average of 3-4 months (with a range of 2-9 months) – each person is different. When the effects wears off the wrinkles will return, but they are not worse.

Our goal is to achieve a more youthful, relaxed look. In other words, most people who are your friends, family and co-workers will notice a difference, but not know what you have had done. They will think you are looking more rested and relaxed. Our goal is to preserve facial expression – and avoid the “frozen face” or “startled look”.  As with all of our treatments we are not changing your overall appearance, but we will help you feel younger and look your best.

I had a great experience from the time I walked in the doors and was greeted in the office. I was very nervous about getting Dysport for the first time, but Dr. Abbott and Maureen Horan both made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions and concerns. I am so pleased with my results and would highly recommend Omaha Med Spa to others!
– Michele Boyd, Oct 2020 *****

It is very important to assess the upper brow, as some of us develop a heavy brow that drops over the upper eyelid. Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau need to be carefully performed in the forehead to avoid a side effect of a “heavier brow”.  Placement into the muscles around the eye, at the outer end of each eyebrow may offset this risk, and contributes to a lift of the brow.  We call it a “chemical brow lift.”

I thought it was wonderful the amount of time Dr. Abbott spent explaining everything to me before he began the treatment process. The results from Botox were amazing. I’ve had several people ask me what was different about me because I looked really good.  The staff and Dr. Abbott were all very friendly and informative. The Botox procedure was virtually painless and effective with great results. I highly recommend them – AH 43 year old woman *****

Other uses of Botox on the face include treatment of “gummy smile”, ptosis of the oral commissure (drooping of the corner of the lips), relaxing of vertical lip lines (“smoker’s lines”), and relaxation of the mentalis muscle of the chin  (“golf ball chin” or what we call “peau d’ orange”).


Jim before Dysport

Jim after Dysport

I came to Dr Abbott on a total whim, after seeing the sign for Omaha Med Spa. I had just had Botox for my migraines and the Neurologist had really frozen my face. My eyelids were drooping and I couldn’t look up at all. I just felt that I looked horrible, and not myself at all. That day Dr. Abbott was able to “fix my face.” I was so impressed with the time he took listening and with his work in general. I left feeling li. I came back for Botox for migraines, and to help my frown lines and brow. I am impressed by how kind all the staff are. I have recommended your office to my friends. Thank you for what you have done for me. – Kim N. age 30 *****


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Omaha’s Choice for Botox, Fillers, Testosterone Pellets and The OWL Diet for 15 Years!

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