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Our latest reviews of Dr. Abbott and Omaha Med Spa

written on March 13, 2018  “Great experience, beautiful office, and ample parking! Love the downtown location :)” Jennifer G.

written on March 08, 2018  “Dr Abbott was very professional and experienced. I had complete faith in his knowledge and experience of the procedure. I was very happy with the results”  Joni P.

written on Feb 08, 2018  “He was very professional, very calming and answered all of my questions”  Patti F.

Posted on Jan 27, 2108  “My experience at Omaha Med Spa was amazing! Dr. Abbot knew and understood what I wanted. He did not try to pitch a sale for other services like most places would. I will be going back and would highly recommend to others!”  N.N.

written on Jan 18, 2018   “I felt comfortable from the time I made the call and then walked in the door. The Dr. and his staff made me feel very welcome and I was explained the benefits and value of the services I was wanting. As well, Dr. Carter gave me an excellent assessment of what I needed and could expect from his treatment”  Christopher W.

written on Dec 12, 2017  “He was very down to earth. He actually understands what he is talking about and was able to explain things so they were easy to understand. His staff were absolutely wonderful.” Angela B.


Payment is Due on the date of Service or Treatment

Patients are required to pay in full on the date of service.  We accept cash, check (only from NE and IA), or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover).  Interest Free Financing –  Patients who spend $500 or more on the date of service have the option of using our “in-house interest free financing” plan.  For interest free financing, you will pay 50% of the total amount due on the day of service, and another 25% of the total amount due at 30 and 60 days after the date of service.  There is a finance processing charge of $10 added to each finance payment.  You will need to fully complete a legally binding Finance Agreement, and provide a credit or debit card account to be used for financed payments.  We keep a copy of your Driver’s License on file for our reference.  If you are late in making a payment, you will receive a Registered Letter from us after 30 and 60 day payments are overdue.  Accounts that are 30 days overdue will be charged an additional 2% per month interest on the balance that is due.   Accounts that are 60 or more days overdue will be taken to Small Claims Court in Douglas County. You will be charged for costs associated with filing in Small Claims Court.

No Insurance Plan Participation

The services and treatments that are provided by Dr. Abbott and his support staff are not typically covered by health insurance plans.  As a result, Dr. Abbott is not a participating provider in Medicare, Medicaid, Tri-care, or any other government or private health insurance plans.  If you wish to submit a claim to your insurance company, then we will provide you with a detailed receipt.  Dr. Abbott and his staff will not call your insurance carrier to pre-approve or pre-certify any visit, service, treatment or prescribed therapy.  Dr. Abbott will not write letters to any insurance company or similar health care entity.

No Refunds

There are No Refunds on Medical Services and Treatments, including Botox, Dermal Fillers, CIT, SkinPen, Pelleve, Testosterone injections, BHRT hormone treatments, Lab testing, Destruction of minor skin lesions, OWL Diet participation, retail products and any other treatment or service that we provide.  If a patient experiences a change in their medical history or use of prescription medications, that may prevent them from receiving a treatment or service that was already paid for, then the patient must obtain a letter, at their expense, from their Doctor, detailing the change in medical condition, or use of medications.  This updated information will then be reviewed by Dr. Abbott to determine if a change in treatment, or refund of unused services or treatments is warranted.

Medical Records

As a patient of Dr. Abbott’s, your medical record will be protected by all state and federal laws.  You may request a copy of your medical record at any time, and a copy of this information will be provided to you directly.  You will need to pick-up and sign for any copies of medical records that we provide you with.  if you wish for a copy of your medical record to be released to another health care provider, or individual, then a properly completed, signed and dated request for release of medical information must be received by our offices.  We will strive to process all such releases, subject to state and federal laws, in a timely fashion.


If you have any concerns or complaints about the services, treatments or interactions with Omaha Med Spa staff, then please direct your concerns directly to Dr. Carter Abbott at, or mail your letter to the Eagle Run office – Omaha Med Spa, 14450 Eagle Run Drive, Unit 260, Omaha NE 68116.



Omaha’s Choice for Non-Surgical Aesthetics – Now Serving You in TWO locations!
Call (402) 614-5556 today for a FREE consultation!