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EVOKE Face Sculpting non-surgical treatment in Omaha


I am happy with the results of the Evoke procedure that I had done.  There was no pain involved or down time and it really helped the texture of my skin.  My cheeks and chin line are more defined.  Omaha Med Spa is the best place to go, the staff are kind, and they keep me looking great!

— Donna Davis

Non-Surgical Facial Remodeling Treatment for a More Youthful Appearance!

Are you noticing that your lower cheeks are fuller in appearance than they used to be?  Is the skin lax and sagging from the effects of aging

Are you someone who has lost weight and noticed changes in your lower cheeks and chin that need some help?

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your upper neck and the under-chin area?

If any of your answers to the above questions are yes, then that’s great!  You have come to the right place!  At Omaha Med Spa we have the Evoke treatment that works to tighten skin and burn fat all at the same time.

Non-surgical body contouring is no longer a dream.  It is available today, it works, and the machine is called Evoke.  Using RF energy we can contour the lower cheek and under chin areas without pain or downtime.

before and after Evoke

Before and After images of Evoke. Note the improvement of jawline and neck profile

The hands-free design and programmable technology is non-invasive and the only platform to have temperature monitoring and automatic, user-programmable temperature on/off control. Its hands-free design and programmable technology make it an ideal treatment at this time of social distancing. This advanced thermal skin rejuvenating platform restructures facial tissue and delivers the ultimate in thermal facial procedures with no anesthesia, surgical scars or downtime.

Evoke chin applicator when worn

This is a patient with the Evoke chin applicator in the correct position

EVOKE is non-invasive and safe

By using proven bipolar radiofrequency energy, EVOKE sub-dermally remodels the facial tissues to provide a more defined neck and jaw line. Its hands-free facial applicators deliver uniform and volumetric heating to the skin and subdermal layer.

Using this innovative platform, our providers provide a variety of facial remodeling procedures specifically tailored to your requirements.


Evoke is painless, with no need for numbing creams.

Evoke is safe and there is no downtime.  You can return to normal activities right away.

Evoke treatments can last up to 60 minutes – allowing you time to use both the chin and the cheek applicators one after another in the same visit.

Before and After a series of Evoke treatments

Before and After a series of Evoke treatments – note the improved neck profile and jaw line

Before and after images neck profile

Before and After a series of Evoke treatments using both the chin and cheek applicators – note the improved skin tightening, reduced wrinkles and improved jaw line


Most patients will need to complete 6 treatments to each area to achieve optimal results.  Visits are spaced one week apart and are up to one hour in length.  If your schedule doesn’t allow you to come in for weekly treatments, that is no problem.  Radiofrequency takes weeks to months to work, so you will need to be patient.  Your final result from a package of treatment is determined 3 months after your last visit.  Your results will last for years, but the aging process continues so should plan to have single maintenance treatments done every 6 months. We are open six days a week and have a room dedicated to body sculpting using both the Evolve and Evoke machines.  During your initial free consultation your PA provider will determine if you are a good candidate for treatment, and if so set realistic treatment goals.  Each patient is different, so your treatment plan will be customized to meet your goals (which applicator to be worn, for how many minutes, at what temperature).  Because each visit is one hour long you may start with one applicator (cheek for example) and then switch to a different applicator (chin for example).

Treatment tips

Arrive well hydrated (drink lots of water) as this will ensure optimal results.  Ask us for a glass of water if needed.  If you are wearing makeup in the treatment area this will be removed.  Wear comfortable clothes, but if you are dressed up we have gowns you can change in.  Add our front desk phone number to your cell phone as you will be set up on the equipment and then left in the room for a period of time.  If you feel the applicator shifts or is uncomfortable (too tight, too warm) then call us and we will come into the room right away.  There is also a hand help button you can push to turn the machine off.  If you are doing Evoke cheek it is best not to talk on the phone during treatment.  Bring your phone or tablet to do some work while you are being treated.  Want to relax, close your eyes and listen to your favorite music – that’s an option as well.  There is a restroom right across the hall from the body sculpting treatment room for your use.  We apply and remove the applicators.  When your treatment is done we ask that you not try to remove them on your own as this equipment is very expensive.  We sanitize the applicators, belts and treatment table after each patient visit.  You will notice that we apply gel with the applicators to ensure good skin contact.  Please don’t receive any radiofrequency treatment if you are pregnant or have an implanted device (insulin pump, pacemaker, defibrillator or brain stimulator).

Evoke cheek applicator worn

This is a picture of the Evoke cheek applicator. Longer treatment times of 45-60 minutes are selected if fat reduction is needed in addition to skin tightening.


A single visit of Evoke sells for $600.  Our best deal ever is our 3 month membership, where you pay $1,000/month for three months, and receive twelve (12) visits of Evoke or Evolve X.  With our membership plan, your average visit cost comes down to $250/visit!

We Offer Payment Plans!! Pre-Qualify with Cherry 🍒

Any same day purchase that totals a minimum of $200 (toxin excluded) may be financed with Cherry, subject to approval.  Cherry is a leading patient “buy now, pay later” option that makes it easy to spread your payments out over time. Quickly get pre-approved for up to $10,000 today using this link!

It is important that you come in for a free consultation to see which treatment package is right for you.  At that visit, you and your provider will match your goals to the right treatment plan.  When you commit to a treatment package we will take baseline photos before the first visit.   The cost for a single one hour visit with Evolve, Evoke or a combination of both is $600.  Buying a package will save you money.  For example a package of six visits is $2,400 (average of $400/visit).  A package of nine visits is $3,150 (average of $350/visit). Once you complete nine visits you become a VIP at Omaha Med Spa and further single one hour visits are only $300.  Learn more about our other machine called Evolve here

Call for a Free Consultation to see if Evolve or Evoke are right for you.  Phone (402) 614-5556

Since 2006, Omaha’s Choice for Botox, Fillers, Testosterone Pellets and The OWL Diet!

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