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What is Semaglutide?

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Ozempic is the trade name for Semaglutide, a relatively new treatment for Type 2 Diabetics. It is also sold by the same company under the name Wegovy, and under that name is FDA approved for weight loss in patients who have obesity (BMI 30 or higher). Semaglutide is a highly effective treatment for weight loss, when combined with a healthy reduced calorie diet. Due to it’s popularity, Ozempic is often hard to find.  Omaha Med Spa has been able to obtain the generic copy called Semaglutide, and it is offered to patients with obesity (BMI of 30 or higher). Ozempic users will follow the safe and highly effective OWL (Omaha Weight Loss) Diet program developed by Dr. Carter Abbott. The OWL Diet is offered exclusively at Omaha Med Spa.

Can anyone take Semaglutide?  What are the side effects?

Omaha Med Spa offers Semaglutide for patients with a BMI of 30 or higher after they have been screened by our health care provider. There are known side effects and risks from taking Semaglutide that we will discuss. As a newer treatment, more adverse side effects and risks may be reported that we are not currently aware of.

You cannot take Semaglutide if you have a history of gall bladder disease, pancreatitis or thyroid cancer, or a family history of thyroid cancer. If your gall bladder has been removed and you are no longer having problems with the biliary system, then you may qualify for Ozempic.


When brand name prescription medications are in short supply, the FDA allows compounding pharmacies to make generic copies.  That is currently the case, allowing us to offer Semaglutide for in office administration.  This is an add-on to monthly OWL Diet participation, given into the abdomen once per week.

Semaglutide Pricing: 0.25mg $40 / 0.5mg $75 / 0.75mg $110 / 1.0mg $150 / 1.5mg $180 / 2.0mg $210

Since 2006, Omaha’s Choice for Botox, Fillers, Testosterone Pellets and The OWL Diet!

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