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Dr. Carter Abbott, MD, Sonia Sublett-Adams APRN and Joy Sakalosky Licensed Esthetician  offer a range of Nonsurgical Cosmetic options to help you look more youthful.  Aesthetics is what we do!  At Omaha Med Spa you will find professional staff that are knowledgeable and service oriented.  We provide one-on-one service for all of your aesthetic treatments!

Sonia Sublett-Adams APRN is an experienced aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Dr Carter Abbott MD providing high quality health care to men and women for 30 years!

Joy Sakalosky LE

Our services include Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure, Sculptra, Pelleve, Acne Scar Therapy, Sclerotherapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (pellet therapy), CIT / Micro-needling (SkinPen), Genius RF Micro-Needling, LaseMD resurfacing fractionated laser and The OWL Diet. Dr. Abbott is a licensed medical doctor who not only owns Omaha Med Spa, he works there full time and dedicates all of his professional time to aesthetics!  Sonia has over eight years of aesthetic experience and is available at both office locations at Eagle Run and the Old Market. Joy is a very talented and experienced Esthetician who is skilled at Chemical Peels, DermaPlaning, MicroBlading, Pelleve, SkinPen and more!

We are Experts in our Fields

  1. You will receive treatment from one of the leading aesthetic providers in the region.  Between Dr. Abbott and Sonia Sublett-Adams we have 22 years of experience
  2. Your treatment will be done properly and safely
  3. You will receive the best possible outcome
  4. Your visit will be focused on you
  5. Your visit will not be hurried.  We provide you with the time that you deserve when you purchase an aesthetic treatment from Omaha Med Spa

Want great service, ask for Sonia at Omaha Med Spa!

— Robin Rush

Patient Reviews
“I have been going to Omaha Med Spa for 3 years, and I truly enjoy my services I receive there. I was referred there by a friend, after receiving unpleasant results elsewhere. Dr. Abbott is very helpful and kind and is very good with the needle. I leave every time with a higher self-esteem and never go home with bruises or need “down time.” I leave there every time feeling, relaxed, happy and a sense of well-being! Thank you Dr. Abbott, I will not go anywhere else!”

C.S. woman aged 43

“Omaha Med Spa has a very large range of treatments and procedures to keep us young and healthy. I love the professionalism and friendliness of everyone on the staff.”

T.F. woman aged 54

Two Locations in Omaha

Eagle Run and Old Market: Book appointments for either location by calling (402) 614-5556 or request an appointment here!

How to Select a Med Spa

  • Reputation – check out the doctor at independent review sites.  Read reviews on Dr Abbott by entering “Reviews of Dr Carter Abbott” into your “Google search”  Check us out at:    (Don’t count on Yelp for honest reviews!  I have had many positive reviews placed on Yelp, and they are all filtered so you won’t see them!)
  • Talk to people who have been to the med spa.  Would they recommend the med spa to their family and friends?
  • Is the Doctor and the staff experienced in non-surgical aesthetics or just starting to learn?
  • How are you treated over the phone when you call?  Is it easy to obtain pricing over the phone?  How does the staff interact with you when you arrive at the med spa?  Are you treated respectfully as an individual?
  • Does the med spa help you save money on treatments?  Do they offer specials?  Do they send out email promotions?  Do they help you use coupons to save money – such as the Brilliant Distinction program

Dr. Abbott and Sonia are amazing. They make me feel comfortable and valued. I’ve been a patient since 2012 and I trust their advice! They have made a life long customer. I highly recommend them!

— Tracy McKinley

Patient Reviews
“Omaha Med Spa is the only place I go for any of my treatments. Dr. Abbott and his staff treat me with respect and are some of the most professional people I’ve worked with. I’ve never had a problem with anything I’ve had done and would not go anywhere else. I highly recommend them! Omaha Med Spa is the only place I spend my money!”

L.J. man aged 46

“First and foremost the staff is the friendliest people you could hope for. They do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and confident in your decision to use fillers or the OWL Diet. The office is clean and welcoming, not the stuffy doctor’s office feeling that would send a nervous first timer running. I would definitely recommend Omaha Med Spa to anyone looking to enhance themselves. Love it!”

R.Z. woman aged 22


We see new patients at Omaha Med Spa every day!  There is a reason for that – we offer fair pricing, professional results and personalized discreet customary service that we call Concierge services.

We have seen patients from the following states outside of Nebraska:  Iowa, South Dakota, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississipi, Texas, California and Oregon.

We have also seen people who live in other countries such as Canada, Mexico, Central America, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

Call (402) 614-5556 today for a FREE consultation to see what treatments may be right for you!

Omaha’s Choice for Non-Surgical Aesthetics – Now Serving You in TWO locations!
Call (402) 614-5556 today for a FREE consultation!