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Omaha Med Spa was started 9 years ago by Dr. Carter Abbott, who devoted his full attention to offering Omaha the best choices in non-surgical aesthetic solutions.

Today, in 2015 – we have become a leader and innovator in the use of Botox, Juvederm and Voluma. We were the first med spa in Omaha to offer SkinPen micro-needling treatments in 2014. We also use a state of the art laser for Hair Removal. And, Dr. Abbott was one of the first providers of bio-identical testosterone pellet therapy for men and women.

Several years ago, Dr Abbott developed “The OWL Diet” as a safe and effective way for he and his wife to lose weight. Since then over 3,000 people have participated in “The Omaha Weight Loss Diet” at our Eagle Run location. Dr. Abbott literally wrote the book on Medical Grade Weight Loss!  In 2015 Dr Abbott released the 2nd edition of his book, which provides all of the information for you to lose weight quickly and safely.

Dr. is also now offering a long lasting filler solution for mid face using a filler called Bellafill.  Under product development for over 25 years, the new improved version of Bellafill performs beautifully in the upper cheeks, temporal fossa and above the brow to provide non-surgical lifting.  By adding volume and lifting the forehead, brow, cheeks, nasolabial folds and jowls – we can help you look younger and more youthful again, without changing your overall appearance.

Our goal is to fight back against the aging process, and provide subtle but visible improvements in how you look.  We soften the effects of aging, while preserving a natural look. Your friends and family may not know what you had done, but they will know you look great for your age!

Now with 2 locations, one in west Omaha called “Eagle Run” and another in downtown Omaha, called “Old Market” patients have more choice of hours and locations!  We are also able to service patients from western Iowa.  People from across the country and from other countries have visited Dr Abbott to benefit from his years of expertise as a full time aesthetic physician specialist.


Dr. Carter Abbott, MD and the staff of Omaha Med Spa offer a range of Nonsurgical Cosmetic options to help you look more youthful.

Aesthetics is what we do!  At Omaha Med Spa you will find professional staff that are knowledgeable and service oriented. When you are at Omaha Med Spa, you are our guest, and we want you to feel comfortable and welcome! Dr. Abbott and his aesthetic staff will listen to your wishes, provide treatment suggestions that will deliver results, and offer pricing options to make your aesthetic wishes come true.

Our services include Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Bellafill Pelleve, Acne Scar Therapy, Sclerotherapy, Testosterone Replacement and The OWL Diet. Dr. Abbott is a licensed medical doctor who not only owns Omaha Med Spa, he works there full time and dedicates all of his professional time to aesthetics!

Pictured are Dr Abbott with his wife Lenore.  Married for over 25 years, they have raised 4 children, and many schnauzers!  In 2015 Dr Abbott turns 56, and plans to keep working in his field for at least 10 more years!  His wife Lenore turns 62, but does not look a day over 50!  Lenore worked with Dr Abbott in his practice for years, and helped launch Omaha Med Spa.  Today she is able to spend most of her time taking care of the home front.

Patient Review
“This med spa is wonderful. The staff is always great to be around, so friendly and helpful. Their knowledge base is awesome, giving so many helpful hints! The prices and specials are some of the best I have seen. Wonderful staff that works! Great place; very nice!”

J.S. woman aged 30


“My experiences with Dr. Abbott have been wonderful. He takes a great deal of time with his patients. He is obviously skilled and cares about his profession. I’m thrilled to have found the Omaha Med Spa!

J.C. woman aged 53


“I started with Dr. Abbott and Omaha Med Spa for weight loss and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to lose the extra 20 pounds in just 5 weeks. I have more recently been a patient there for age related issues such as wrinkles and dark spots. Dr. Abbott is helping me look as young as I feel. I love the genuine caring and special treatment from everyone in the office!”

J.W. woman aged 64


“The best part of going to Omaha Med Spa is the friendly atmosphere and being greeted with a smile which in turn makes you feel relaxed and at ease. All the staff at OMS demonstrates great care, expertise, compassion, integrity and interest in you as a person. The consultations by Dr. Abbott are always personal and I feel I can trust his medical advice and I always feel confident he will make the best recommendations for me and my needs. He seems to know what is best and each time he is right on target. I am very pleased with my results and I will continue to be a patient here at Omaha Med Spa. I truly can see great results and that in itself says a lot. Thank you so much for your great dedication and service to make a difference in our lives.”

M.H. woman aged 55


“I began going to the Omaha Med Spa about a year and a half ago. I was nervous at first as I never had a cosmetic treatment before. But Dr. Abbott and the staff immediately alleviated any concern. They were extremely professional, highly knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly genuine. I felt comfortable immediately and am now a loyal patient. Every treatment I have had, I have loved! I never felt like Dr. Abbott was trying to ‘sell’ me something. Instead he listened to my concerns and addressed them accordingly. I highly recommend Omaha Med Spa. I won’t go anywhere else!”

S.H. woman aged 35