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All filler injections are performed with care and expertise by Dr. Carter Abbott an aesthetic physician specialist and Sonia Sublett-Adams Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner.  Over the past twelve years we have successfully performed thousands of injections, setting the standard for care in the Omaha metro.

Juvederm Voluma XC in Omaha

Juvederm Voluma XC is an FDA approved filler that was introduced in the US in 2016, and quickly become the preferred treatment for “mid-face filler” treatments. Placed over the cheek bone it works to provide a subtle but visible non-surgical lift to improve the appearance of jowls and naso-labial folds. It can also be safely used in deeper parentheses folds. It is not recommended for use in the lips. Dr Abbott and Sonia have injected Voluma hundreds of times. We see long lasting results from Voluma.

Voluma brings back a more youthful profile to the upper cheeks by naturally adding volume that has been lost over time, or may never have been present. It also works beautifully to fill lost volume in the “apple” part of your face (the apple area is 1-2 inches below the outer edge of each eye). Voluma also works to lift sagging skin that can settle in the jowls and lower face area. This is true anti-aging treatment, without the surgery. You will look and feel at least 5 years younger.

Juvederm Voluma XC After

As with other Juvederm products, Voluma is a natural clear gel containing Hyaluronic acid (HA) that is injected using small sterile needles or cannulas.  Your treatment is completed in just a few short minutes. You will see immediate results, plus some swelling that subsides over several hours to days. As with all injections, there is a small risk of bruising that may be apparent on the day of treatment, or may develop several days later. Bruising always resolves, but it may take up to two weeks and sometimes longer. The risk of infection or allergic reaction is low, and will be safely managed should you develop any complications.

Voluma XC is long lasting, due to the use of Vycross technology, which is only available in certain Juvederm products. You can plan on Voluma XC lasting you for a full year.

Voluma has the same benefit shared by other Juvederm fillers, that the doctor can “erase” or dissolve the filler if you have any complications or as requested by patients.  This dissolving treatment is called hyaluronidase, and although it is infrequently needed is always in stock at the med spa.

Patients are surprised how comfortable Voluma injections can be.  Whether Voluma is injected with small needles or cannulas, you will find the discomfort is minimal.  Bruising, if it occurs at all, is easily managed.  And the results are instant!  Treatments only take a few minutes, but the benefits last for many months.

Juvederm Voluma XC Before & After Photos

Juvederm Pricing

First a word about pricing.  When you are shopping and searching the internet for where you will go for filler treatment, remember you should not shop on price alone. When you pay for filler treatment you are covering the cost that the doctor has to pay for the product, but most importantly you are also paying for the skill, experience, expertise, reputation and safety record of the doctor who is placing the product.  Dr. Abbott will strive to offer you fair pricing, and the deliver the best possible filler results.

Let’s also talk about Bundling of services and Promotions.  If you decide to have more than one treatment on the same day (such as Botox and one filler or more than one filler at the same visit) then you are bundling treatments, and you will receive preferential pricing.  These pricing details will be explained to you by Dr. Abbott or Sonia during your consultation, and before treatment. Promotions may be “Monthly Specials” or “Flash Sales” offered only by email or Facebook.  Keep a look out for these deals, as they offer significant savings.  Other Promotions are related to Additional Brilliant Distinction coupons that are provided to Dr. Abbott for his use with his patients, and post to your BD account (which is free to create).  We will ensure that you hear about the current promotions so you can maximize your savings.

Juvederm Voluma XC – one syringe containing 1.0cc costs $800

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Omaha’s Choice for Non-Surgical Aesthetics – Now Serving You in TWO locations!
Call (402) 614-5556 today for a FREE consultation!