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The OWL Diet: Innovative Weight Loss in Omaha

“Why is The Owl Diet plan so popular?”

#1 Doctor Abbott – a doctor who understands the challenge of losing weight

Unfortunately, medical training does not equip most doctors with the knowledge they need to offer you a weight loss program that works.  The result is that most people are busy seeing doctors, getting treated for the diseases that obesity causes, instead of tackling the real problem – your weight!

Dr. Carter Abbott is a family doctor who in 2008 experienced the personal frustration of not being able to lose weight.  What he discovered was that he needed a program of eating healthy foods – specific guidelines to follow.  Older diets were too restrictive and limited in food selections, and some other diets simply did not work.  So, he created a new way of eating – and called his plan “The Omaha Weight Loss Diet” or simple “The OWL Diet”.  Allowing a large variety of foods totaling approximately 800 calories per day, spread out over 3 meals with small snacks is the key to this plan.

The first two “OWL Dieters” were Dr. Abbott and his wife Lenore.  Together they lost 47 pounds.  Below are their ‘before and after pictures”

Owl Diet Before Photo

Dr Abbott and Lenore before The OWL Diet

Owl Diet After Photo

After they lost a combined 47 pounds!

#2 A Plan that works!  A plan for all people

The OWL Diet does not fail people – period.  Let’s be honest here – if you can follow an 800 calorie per day diet on your own, you will lose weight.  This is pure “metabolic math”.  On 800 calories per day there is no man or woman of any age, and with any medical history, who will not lose weight.

The problem is that most of us won’t do it on our own, or we cut calories in the wrong ways.  We think we are eating healthy, but in most cases are still getting too many calories to be successful at weight loss.  Dieting should also not be starvation!

The OWL Diet today is the result of helping over 3,000 people in NE and IA lose weight. By observation, Dr. Abbott knows what works, and what does not work.

We promote “mild to moderate physical activity”, but as mentioned in his 2nd edition book on The OWL Diet, even people with physical limitations can succeed on his diet plan.

#3 Exercise

Most people who want to lose weight start working out more, and are frustrated by the slow weight loss. The reality is that weight loss is more about what you eat, and less about how active you are.

We promote exercise because it is healthy for your heart, bones, joints and emotional wellness.  And we want you to burn fat, not muscle.  We do not however allow you to run or be physically active at that high intensity level, while dieting.

In the end, it is the food we eat that secures our success at dieting.  After all, this is the OWL Diet plan, not the OWL Exercise plan.

#4 Prescription Medication Options

There is no point in taking strong medications, such as Phentermine, if you do not have a diet plan to follow.  The OWL Diet teaches you how to “shop wiser, cook smarter and eat healthier”

The role for Phentermine is its ability to stimulate metabolism and reduce hunger.  Used properly, it can be highly effective for weight loss.  But the act of simply taking a pill once or twice per day does not ensure success – You have to eat the right food!

Phentermine Photo

Dr. Abbott also likes Vitamin B-12 shots for energy.

Topiramate is another oral medication that is associated with weight loss, but with an unknown mechanism of action.

Low testosterone occurs in many men and women after age 40, as part of the aging process.  The problem with “low T” is its association with obesity, loss of energy and effects on sex drive and moods.

Finally, there is still a place for hcg use for some people.  Unproven after decades of use for weight loss, giving a low dose of this hormone has been anecdotally associated with weight loss.  Until better treatments come along, it continues to be popular.

#5 Medical Supervision, Coaching & Support

We include weekly visits to the med spa as a component of all active OWL Diet participation.  This is very important, as it creates an environment of support, encouragement and accountability.

Time and time again, we see that the people who have the greatest success with weight loss make the time to come in and see our highly trained medical assistant staff every week.

We will help you get on track and stack on track, so you can achieve your weight loss goal.  We show you the path to take, but you must follow it

Weigh Loss in Omaha Coaching Photo

#6 A Permanent Way of Life

The OWL Diet teaches you about healthy lower calorie eating.  This becomes a lifestyle choice.  No, you don’t diet forever!  But you do need to make permanent life changes, food behavior changes – and this is the key to keeping the weight off.

#7 Getting the Information that you Need

Too many diets from doctors are summarized on 1 or 2 pieces of paper.  That is simply not enough information!  You need to learn about behavioral aspects of dieting – such as hunger & comfort eating, timing for success, motivation, problem solving, dealing with unsupportive family & friends, and tips on travel.

Dr Abbott provides all of this information in his book “The Omaha Weight Loss Diet, 2nd Edition”.  The book provides the right amount of information, in a form that all people can read and understand.  This book becomes the resource to refer to during the active weight loss portion of the diet, and also the reference for life long maintenance of healthy food habits.

OWL: Omaha Weight Loss book


“How Quickly Will I Lose Weight?”

Men with a BMI of 30 or higher have lost of average of 22 pounds in the first month, and 20 pounds in the second month. Women with a BMI of 30 or higher will lose an average of 15-20 pounds in the first month, and an average of 15 pounds per month thereafter.


First 4 Weeks (paid once in your lifetime)

Office Visits – one hour consultation with Dr Abbott and 4 weekly office visits with Medical Assistant for coaching, support and medical supervision: $260

Shots supplies for 28 days – 28 needles, alcohol preps, bandaids, sharps container for used needles: $40

The OWL Diet book, 2nd edition – learn about 5 prescription treatment options, timing for success, problem solving, hunger control, motivation, what you can eat and drink, exercise and more: $29.95

Additional 4 Weeks (anytime you come back to see us after the first cycle has been completed)

Office Visits – initial visit to update medical history, current medications, consent form and answer any questions that you may have, and 4 more weekly office visits with Medical Assistant for coaching, support and medical: $160

Shots supplies for 28 days – 28 needles, alcohol preps, bandaids, sharps container for used needles: $40

Prescription Medications

Please note that the following includes all of the prescription treatment options that we offer.  Dr Abbott will discuss all of these treatments with you at your consultation.  The decision to use these medications will be made collectively between you and the doctor based upon a variety of factors including your medical history.

Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Prescriptions

Hcg/B-12 daily injections at home

Hcg transdermal cream for daily use at home

Vitamin B-12 injections weekly at the med spa

Phentermine (in a variety of dosages)

Topiramate (in a variety of dosages)

Testosterone injections at the med spa every 7-14 days for men

Testosterone pellet implants every 3-4 months for men and women

The cost of some of the treatments above may be covered by your insurance company.  We will provide you with the full cost of these treatments at your visit.

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