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Omaha’s Choice for Botox, Fillers, Testosterone Pellets and The OWL Diet for 15 Years!

Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau

Summary:  During your consultation we will discuss your treatment goals, create a plan with pricing and you will have time to be treated.  During this visit we will discuss the 3 different toxins that are available. They all work to relax the muscles and soften wrinkles in the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet and smoker’s lines. They can also give you a brow lift, treat gummy smile and help people who clench their teeth.  It takes 3 to 7 days for the toxin to kick in.  With your first treatment we will see you back in 2 weeks to make sure you are happy with your result. On average these treatments last a total of 3-4 months.  Can we get you scheduled for your visit?

Pricing: Botox and Dysport cost the same.  In Botox units it’s $12 per unit and $10.50 per unit during your Birthday month.  You can also get the Birthday month pricing all year round by paying us with cash.  Jeuveau is more affordable at $10 per unit and $9 per unit during your Birthday month or any visit when you pay in cash.  Cash does not include check or debit card.  Botox and Dysport have reward programs that will save you money at future visits.  Please keep in mind that when you are buying these treatments you are also paying for the expertise of the person performing the treatment. We perform over 2,000 toxin treatments per year and have been treating patients for over 15 years.  Can we get you scheduled for your visit?

Additional Information: The needles are small and cause minimal discomfort.  Redness is gone in a few minutes.  Bruising is not common, but if it does occur they are small and go away in a few days.  You can lower the risk of bruising by stopping use of aspirin, ibuprofen (motrin, advil) and other anti-inflammatories a few days before your visit.  If your doctor wants you on a blood thinner every day, don’t stop it as we can still treat you but your risk of bruising is a bit higher.  You cannot receive toxin if you are pregnant or breast feeding.  We suggest that you not exercise or lay down for 4 hours after treatment.  If you develop a headache afterwards you can treat it with an over the counter pain killer.  Can we get you scheduled for your visit?


Summary: We offer several different fillers (Juvederm, Voluma, Vollure, Volbella and Kysse).  During your consultation we will discuss your treatment goals, make recommendations on the best filler for you, create a plan with pricing and you will have time to be treated.  Fillers provide immediate results, plus some redness and swelling.  If you have bruising it will resolve over two weeks.  We will see you back in two weeks to make sure you are happy with your results.  On average most fillers last 1 year.  The exception is Juvederm in the lips which usually lasts 6 months.  Can we get you scheduled for your visit?

Pricing:  Fillers are priced by the syringe.  If we don’t use the full syringe at your visit, it is archived at our office and kept for 6 months.  You can then return once during those 6 months to receive the rest of the filler at no additional charge.  Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus are $625.  Voluma is $825.  Kysse, Volbella and Vollure are the same price at $725. During your Birthday month you will save $100 Off these regular prices.  You can also save $100 off each filler all year round by paying us with cash. Cash does not include check or debit card.  These fillers also have reward programs that can save you money at future visits.  Can we get you scheduled for your visit?

Additional Information:  Most people report filler injections cause mild discomfort.  Redness and swelling is normal and disappears over time.  Bruising may or may not occur, but also goes away in days to weeks.  You can lower the risk of bruising by stopping use of aspirin, ibuprofen (motrin, advil) and other anti-inflammatories a few days before your visit.  If your doctor wants you on a blood thinner every day, don’t stop it as we can still treat you but your risk of bruising is a bit higher.  You cannot receive filler if you are pregnant, breast feeding or take a medication that blocks the immune system.  We suggest that you not exercise for 24 hours after treatment.  You will also recover from swelling and bruising more quickly if you take Arnica montana sublingual and Bromelain by mouth for 5 days post treatment – this is optional, but we do sell these natural treatments if you are interested.  Can we get you scheduled for your visit?  You can also learn more about fillers at

The OWL Diet

Summary:  The OWL Diet is a reduced calorie diet that leads to an average weight loss of 15-20 pounds per month.  During your consultation you will learn that this plan is safe, effective and medically supervised.  You will lose weight by eating healthy portions of real food.  There are no protein powders, bars or shakes.  Your provider will recommend one or more treatments to go with the diet plan.  Most patients are placed on Phentermine by mouth, which works to curb hunger and increase metabolism.  Many of our patients also receive weekly Lipo-B shots given at the med spa, that work to boost energy and stimulate fat burn.  You will be taking a supplement called Metabolic Lean, a capsule taken twice per day at lunch and supper with food – this works in a natural way to also help with hunger and metabolism and works very well when taken with Phentermine. The OWL Diet plan is for men and women who are 18 years or older and are either obese or overweight.  Your BMI needs to be 25 or higher to qualify for the plan.

Pricing:  Your first month of OWL Diet participation costs $400 and includes your consultation plus 4 weekly visits for coaching, support, weighing-in and blood pressure monitoring.  Most of our patients add Lipo-B and Glutathione weekly med spa injections to their treatment plan. Metabolic Lean supplements are taken twice an day and cost $48 for a one month supply.  You will also be buying a copy of Dr. Abbott’s book on The OWL Diet for $29.95  We do not bill insurance for any of this, but you may use your Health Savings Account if you have one.  When you restart for an additional month of dieting the cost is $150 and this covers the cost of your restart visit and a follow-up visit 4 weeks later.  Can we get you scheduled for your visit?

Additional Information:  The OWL Diet stands for Omaha Weight Loss diet, a plan created by Dr. Carter Abbott 14 years ago as a way for he and his wife to safely and quickly lose weight.  It worked, and since that time we have helped over 3,000 people lose weight.  You will learn new healthy food behaviors that will help you keep the weight off.  Plan on spending up to one hour with us.  Bring a list of your medications and copies of any lab tests you have had done in the past 12 months.  There are no medical conditions that would prevent you from doing this plan, but you cannot diet if you are pregnant or breast feeding.  You will go home with a copy of Dr. Abbott’s book that explains The OWL Diet plan in more detail.


Summary: We have 3 testosterone treatment options for men and women.  Testosterone pellets are implants placed into the fat layer of the buttock, where they slowly dissolve, providing stable levels of testosterone. This is a common procedure at Omaha Med Spa and is easily completed in about 15 minutes.  The pellets last about 3 months in women and up to 5 months in men.  If you are a women going through menopause and need estrogen and progesterone as well, our provider will order those to be taken by mouth.  The second option is testosterone injections into the buttock that we administer in the med spa every 1-2 weeks.  The third option is to teach you how to administer testosterone injections at home.  To start with we would need to schedule an initial hormone consultation.  Bring any copies of hormone blood levels you have had drawn in the past 12 months and a list of all other medications that you are taking.

Pricing:  You start by having a hormone consultation with one of our providers.  That is a one time charge and costs $150.  Lab may be drawn in the med spa at that time. Your provider will then review your lab results and make a treatment recommendation.  If you select testosterone pellet implant therapy women pay $325 per visit and this includes the cost of the pellets, the procedure and the sterile tray.  Men pay $650 per hormone pellet visit – the cost is higher as men must receive more pellets.  If you select to start testosterone injections at home we will order your testosterone at the pharmacy of your choice and you will pay for the cost of that prescription.  Most of our patients with low testosterone do not qualify to have their shots covered by insurance, but by using Good Rx you can save up to 80% off the cost of your testosterone.  We sell you shot supplies that last for 6 months at a cost of $50. Patients on home injections then come in to see one of our providers every 6 months – the cost for that office visit is $125.  Lab testing is done every 6 months at additional cost.

Additional Information:  Both men and women naturally produce testosterone.  By age 40 testosterone levels are starting to decline, and although this is a normal part of aging, the decline in testosterone may cause symptoms that can include: daytime fatigue, forgetfulness, sadness, anxiety, poor sleep, night sweats, decline in libido and decline in sexual performance.  By receiving testosterone we can restore your levels to the upper range of normal and in many men and women the symptoms of low testosterone go away.  If you then stop taking testosterone, your levels will again drop and your symptoms will return.  Taking testosterone is a quality of life decision.  Men who also need ED treatments can discuss this option with our provider.  In both men and women we metabolize some of the testosterone and convert it to estrogen.  If estrogen levels raise too high then we can discuss prescribing an estrogen blocker.

Micro-Needling – Choosing between Morpheus and SkinPen

Summary: Micro-needling refers to use of a device that uses fine needles to puncture the skin thousands of times. We know that this leads to the production of new collagen and elastin for younger looking skin, improvement of fine wrinkles, tightening of pore size, lessening of scars (from acne, injury or chicken pox), and fading of brown spots (from aging, sun damage and melasma).  SkinPen does all of this.  Morpheus combines radio-frequency with micro-needling for even greater improvements.  Both treatments are excellent.  Discomfort is managed with the use of numbing creams.  The radiofrequency from Morpheus creates brief heating of the dermal layer of skin and this is managed with our Zimmer chilling device that blows cold air over the treatment area. With both treatments you will leave red and this redness will go away over the next 2-3 days.  The best results are seen after completing a package of 3 treatments spaced one month apart.  LaseMD is a fractionated laser that treats the outer epidermis and is an excellent addition to any SkinPen or Morpheus treatment – leading to a more complete total skin solution – and it does not increase the recovery time.

Pricing: You need to decide if you want to receive SkinPen or Morpheus.  You then decide if you are treating the face, or the neck, or both at the same visit.  With SkinPen we can also treat the upper chest.  These decisions will determine the cost and length of your appointment.  Most patients buy our package of 3 treatments as the cost of the third visit is free (Buy two, get one free) – to receive this pricing you have to commit up front to pay for all 3 visits.  Any time the total charge comes to $500 or higher you can use our in house finance program.

Face or Neck Single visit Face or Neck Pkg of 3 visits Face & Neck Single visit Face & Neck Pkg of 3 visits Face, Neck & Chest Single visit Face, Neck & Chest Pkg of 3 visits
SkinPen $400 $800 $500 $1,000 $650 $1,300
RF MicroNeedling $750 $1,500 $1,200 $2,400 N/A N/A
LaseMD add on same day +$150 add on to above +$300 for 3 visits add on to above +$200 add on to above +$400 for 3 visits add on to above +$250 add on to above +$500 add on to above
PRP add on same day +$275 per visit +$275 per visit +$275 per visit +$275 per visit +$275 per visit +$275 per visit



Summary: PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma.  Platelets are a part of your blood and they contain many important growth factors.  When we expose your skin these growth factors we see significant changes that include lessening of wrinkles, firming of skin and softening of folds and creases on the face that occur with sun exposure and aging.  PRP is used as a valuable add on to either SkinPen or Morpheus treatment. During a visit for PRP we will draw your blood into a special tube.  The blood is then separated in the ProGen centrifuge, isolating serum that is rich in platelets.  The serum is applied directly to the skin if you are having a SkinPen or Morpheus treatment.

Pricing: PRP added on to a single visit of either SkinPen or Morpheus is $275.  There is no further discount for package treatments due to the cost of the special ProGen FDA approved tube that we use.  Other offices that are offering PRP for less than $275 are not using FDA approved tubes and centrifuges, and therefore the results are not going to be comparable to the results you will see with our providers.

Body Sculpting Evolve and Evoke

SummaryEvoke uses radiofrequency (radiowaves) that heats the dermis – the result is skin tightening, and fat reduction (when needed).  With Evoke you choose from two different applicators – the chin attachment works under the chin to tighten sagging skin and reduce fat – the result is that the overall appearance of the neck is improved, especially the side profile.  This provides an alternative to surgery or Kybella injections. The other Evoke applicator is for the cheeks – and it also tightens and skin and destroys fat (when needed).  To reduce fat the settings are different than if only skin tightening is needed.  Evolve X has two applicators: TITE uses radiofrequency to tighten skin and reduce fat (when needed).  TITE can be used on the abdomen, buttock, thighs, upper arms and lower back.  TRANSFORM combines RF for skin tightening / fat reduction as needed and electrical stimulation of muscle for strengthening and can be used on all of the same areas at TITE.

Pricing: You will need to do a minimum of 3 treatments to each area, and ideally 6 treatments for the best possible results.  Treatments are done weekly and bundled into packages for affordable pricing.  Single visit (not recommended) $600 / Package of 6 visits $2,400 / Package of 9 visits $3,150 / Once you have completed 9 visits you become a VIP and pay only $300 per visit.

Additional Information:  Radiofrequency (RF) is very safe and proven to be effective.  We do not recommend this treatment if you have an implanted device such as a pacemaker, defibrillator or insulin pump.  This new technology allows for gradual heating of the skin, keeping the treatment comfortable, while delivering therapeutic results.  Your visits last up to one hour.  During that time you may listen to music, relax, read emails and use the internet on your device. You should not talk during Evoke face treatments as the applicators can shift.  Arrive well hydrated as water in the skin is the target for attracting radiofrequency energy.  RF takes time to work.  Although you will see results in weeks, the final result will take up to 6 months after your last visit.  Plan on doing maintenance visits once every 6 months to maintain the results.


Omaha’s Choice for Botox, Fillers, Testosterone Pellets and The OWL Diet for 15 Years!

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