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SkinPen Precision

Looking for a procedure that is safe, minimally invasive, and helps the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? SkinPen Precision could be the right choice for you.  You will be amazed at the results SkinPen can achieve!


“Very professional in a very peaceful environment. All staff were welcoming and accommodating. The medical professionals here are well-educated and did well answering any questions that I had. I will definitely be back for another treatment. I highly recommend Omaha Med Spa-Eagle Run to anyone considering SkinPen treatment.”

— Skyler Jesz

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SkinPen microneedling is minimally invasive, and a quick procedure, performed in our med spa. Procedure results are generated from your skin’s natural collagen remodeling and elastin.  Recovery time is short, making SkinPen ideal for a busy lifestyle, and a great place to start for aesthetic procedures.

SkinPen may be used on all skin types, and is ideal for assisting in reducing the signs of aging.  A versatile, precise device for use on the face, neck, back of the hands and upper chest (decolletage).

Improvement in pigment after SkinPen

SkinPen is medical micro-needling, used to stimulate collagen and elastin, remodel acne scars, treat hyperpigmentation  and improve the appearance of the skin.

SkinPen Precision is the current device that is used at Omaha Med Spa.  This is the third generation SkinPen that was reviewed by the FDA in 2017 and is the first time a micro-needling device has received official approval for use in micro-needling.  When you come to Omaha Med Spa, you can rest assured that you are receiving treatment using the newest and safest technology on the market today.

Because we use the best equipment available today, the cost of your treatments may be a bit more compared to other med spas that use foreign made devices and treatment cartridges that cannot be trusted.  Your health and safety are Dr. Abbott’s number one concern.


I would absolutely recommend SkinPen! I am 40, and had treatment to my face and neck. The procedure is not painful with numbing cream, but there was mild discomfort over the forehead and close to my ears. I have seen improved skin tone, decrease in pore size and improved texture, especially over my nose when I had acne scars.

— L.L. woman aged 40

Improvement in acne scarring after SkinPen


I had SkinPen on my face and the underchin area. With the numbing cream you really are not uncomfortable at all, and the downtime was limited to 2 days of redness. I bought the recommended home care products called C&E Serum and Peptide Booster and felt they were awesome. The benefits were smaller pores, 40% reduction in fine lines around my mouth, and my skin is brighter, I look rested. Absolutely recommend!

— L.W. woman aged 51


I am 62 years old. I have had 3 SkinPen treatments on my face with excellent results. Redness was minimal and lasted one day. SkinPen has improved my skin texture, minimized pores, and lightened dark aging spots. I purchased the Vitamin C & E Serum and Peptide Booster afterwards to increase collagen production. Those products are still part of my daily routine two months later. I highly recommend this procedure and am making it a part of my skin maintenance. Thank you, Dr Abbott, for your continued professional and updated skin care. I always feel so comfortable and relaxed in your care

— D.R. woman aged 62

About SkinPen Precision

Improvement in appearance around the eye after SkinPen

Micro-needling uses very fine needles that puncture the skin hundreds of times a minute, creating thousands of micro-channels in the skin.  This controlled injury stimulates the production of new healthy collagen and elastin. The procedure is performed with use of numbing creams that we apply for 10 minutes at the start of your visit, so discomfort is minimal.  After treatment the skin appears sunburned but this appearance disappears quickly over the next 1-3 days.  If any bruising occurs, it is pinpoint in size, easily concealed, and resolves quickly.  Slight tingling and burning of the skin may last for several hours.  With your first SkinPen treatment you may experience mild exfoliation (light peeling).  Your “downtime” is short and  your benefits are great.  When you complete additional SkinPen treatments, the recovery time from redness is even shorter, as the health of your skin improves!

Micro-needling is performed at both of our office locations.


–  Sherri Brown


— Marla Barry

Pictured below is the improvement that can be seen in the appearance of acne scarring after 6 treatments using SkinPen Precision.  “Before treatment” is pictured on the left, “After” several SkinPen treatments is shown on the right.  The goal of treatment is to improve the appearance of acne scars by approximately 50% after up to six treatments.  As with all aesthetic treatments, individual results will vary.

Acne Scar Before and After Photo

“Home Care” are instructions that we provide for you to follow afterwards.  It is very important that you apply the correct skin care products to your face, to nourish the skin and stimulate maximal production of collagen and elastin.

At the end of your treatment in the med spa, a serum rich in peptides (long chain proteins) is applied to the skin. We call it Peptide Booster since it will boost your production of healthy new collagen. During the first couple of days after treatment, your skin is hyper-permeable, meaning that it is receptive to absorbing topical serums that are believed to support collagen and elastin production. Peptide Booster will be applied at least 3 times a days for the first two days after SkinPen, and then twice a day for the next four weeks. Two days after each SkinPen Precision treatment you will be instructed to also start applying Vitamin C & E Serum which is rich in the anti-oxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E and EGCG (the anti-oxidant found in green tea).   Vitamin C is a co-factor that is needed for the skin to produce collagen, so it’s use after micro-needling is critical for the success of the procedure.  Both Peptide Booster and Vitamin C&E Serum are private labelled premium products available directly from Dr. Abbott at Omaha Med Spa and sell for $80 each.

One week after each treatment, you will add in another key skin care product offered only by Dr. Abbott called Retinol Silk. This is a medical grade Retinol, not to be compared to weaker versions available over the counter.  Retinol Silk stimulates even more production of collagen and continues to fight against the recurrence of new brown pigmented spots.  This is a product to be used at night for the rest of your life.  Retinol Silk sells for $95, and comes in a convenient twist and pump dispensing system.

All of the privately labelled skin care selected and sold by Dr. Abbott may be purchased over the phone and shipped to your home.

With SkinPen I experienced tightening of the skin around my mouth, nose and cheeks I was red for 12 hours after the procedure

— Joan aged 49


Before SkinPen I suffered with acne and scarring of my face. My acne is now completely clear and my scars and overall appearance of skin is improving. The discomfort was mild to moderate but worth it. I was red for 1 day, and a bit on the second day”

— J.P. woman aged 31


I decided to try SkinPen to help eliminate sun spots and bad pigmentation on my forehead. My complexion was very poor. I just received my second SkinPen treatment last week and I can already see the spots starting to fade. Before SkinPen I wouldn’t think about leaving my house without makeup, but I didn’t have to wear makeup to the gym this morning to cover up my brown spots, so that’s definitely a step in the right direction! I’ve noticed that it takes a couple of weeks to see results with these treatments, so I’m excited to see what my complexion looks like after my third SkinPen!

— S.B woman aged 30


What impressed me the most about this procedure was the limited “down time” and the effectiveness of the procedure”. SkinPen has reduced/diminished the borders of my scars making them less noticeable

— E.E. woman aged 62

SkinPen Treatment Plans

Plan on receiving three to six treatments of SkinPen spaced at least 4 weeks apart. After you complete your series of 3-6 treatments.  After you successfully complete a series of treatments, you can maintain the benefits of SkinPen by repeating single treatments to the same area every six months.

SkinPen Pricing

Determine the areas you want treated.  The most common treatment is face.  If you are interested in treating the neck, upper chest, back of the hands, or other body area, please consult with Dr. Abbott for pricing.

Single Face Treatment: $350.

Package of Three Treatments:$900

Package of Six Treatments: $1,500

Add SkinPen to the Neck area the same day you are being treated on the Face for an additional $100

Home Care products using Vitamin C&E Serum $95, Peptide Booster $80 and Retinol Silk $95.

Treatment pricing includes the use of numbing cream, sterile saline is applied to the skin, application of Peptide Booster and sterile disposable treatment cartridge.


On a scale of 1 to 10, the discomfort was less than a 2. Numbing cream applied 10 minutes before treatment mitigates the pain. I was red for 36 hours and it was very minimal in most areas. I used both the Vitamin C serum and the Peptide Booster at home, to increase collagen production. I recommend them, and found them very soothing to my skin and kept flaking to a minimum. My pores are smaller, my skin has a tighter look and feel to it. I am starting to notice less scarring and hyperpigmentation as well. I absolutely recommend this treatment. I believe it is the most affordable and effective walk-in and walk-out treatment on the market today. The staff at Omaha Med Spa are impeccable and highly professional.

— T.M woman aged 45


I have had great results from SkinPen. My skin feels fresh, with a reduction of fine lines. My dark age spots have diminished by 80% after 3 treatments.

— L.K. woman aged 53


I would recommend Omaha Med Spa for cosmetic services because they focus on the special treatment of you! The staff are very accommodating and interested in you and your health. They make you feel welcome and will do all they can to make your visit more relaxing and informative. They listen to your spa desires and and help you achieve the outcome you desire. It is so nice to walk into a place and be greeted by warm, wonderful smiles. Thank you!

— C.Z. woman aged 53

SkinPen is a more affordable option than laser resurfacing or dermabrasion, which may cost several thousand dollars.  With SkinPen you can return to work the next day.  Laser resurfacing or Dermabrasion can lead to you missing work for 2-3 weeks!

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