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Omaha’s Choice for Botox, Fillers, Testosterone Pellets and The OWL Diet for 15 Years!

Thank you for viewing my private line of skin care.  It is designed for all skin types and delivers optimal anti-aging skin care.  I believe you will agree it is the best skin care you have every tried!  We ship to your home in the US for free with orders of $200 or more.         Thank you!  Dr Carter Abbott

Lenore Jayne Skin Care



Vitamin C&E Serum protects the face and neck from anti-oxidant damage that can lead to premature aging.

The Vitamin C is concentrated and absorbs deep into the skin where it can help the most.  Our Vitamin C has a long shelf life.  Collagen production in skin is affected by Vitamin C levels in the skin.  You will see how the serum reflects light after it is applied, giving your skin a glow.

The Vitamin E is another key anti-oxidant that is added for it’s skin protective properties.

EGCG is the active anti-oxidant in green tea and is the 3rd important ingredient in this formulation.

This clear serum comes in a brown glass bottle to extend the lifespan and protect it from sun exposure during storage.

Apply 1/3 to 1/2 dropper to the face and neck, once a day, in the am after you have cleansed and dried the skin.  It absorbs rapidly.

Regular Price: $95 


Peptide Booster


Peptide Booster contains hyaluronate and works by attracting water to the skin, plumping it throughout the day.  Skin appears firmer and younger for hours!  This clear serum is oil-free, so there are no concerns that it could trigger acne or aggravate already oily skin.

The long term anti-aging benefits of Peptide Booster are the long chain proteins that also penetrate the skin and work to stimulate collagen production, making this a true anti-aging skin care product.

This “clean” serum is for all skin types, and should be used every morning after my Vitamin C&E Serum.

Peptide Booster is also a wonderful topical product to apply post treatment after IPL, laser, radio-frequency and microneedling procedures.  It soothes skin and takes away the “tight” feeling that occurs when skin has been injured.

Apply 1/3 to 1/2 dropperful to the face and neck, once a day, in the am after Vitamin C&E Serum.  It absorbs over 30-60 seconds.

Regular Price: $80



Daily Moisturizer is used to further hydrate and protect the skin for the entire day.  This product spread smoothly and evenly over the face and neck to create an oil free finish, making it suitable for all skin types.

Daily moisturizer seals in the goodness of your serums ensuring that they work all day long.

People with sensitive skin and rosacea tolerate this moisturizer very well.  At the oily end of the spectrum Daily Moisturizer provides protection without leaving a greasy finish.

This is a large container that lasts for months.

Twist and pump enough cream to protect your face and neck.  Use after our Serums, but before sunscreen and make-up.

Regular Price: $60   


Retinol Silk 100 is our premium retinol product that outperforms other non-prescription retinol creams.  Our product has the highest possible levels of retinol in an “over the counter” anti-aging product, and yet it is not available at CVS, Walgreen’s or other retailers.  When you twist and pump you will find a smooth yellow hued opaque cream that spreads effortlessly over the face and neck.  It absorbs rapidly and with an oil free finish.  As an added bonus, Retinol Silk 100 contains Vitamin C and enough moisturizers that it serves as a single step product for use at bedtime.  No fuss, maximum benefit!

Retinol is the most studied skin care product with proven anti-aging benefits that include stimulation of collagen, lessening of fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, improvement in the appearance of skin color with lessening of unwanted brown sun spots, and overall firming of skin.  And importantly, as a potent retinoid Retinol Silk 100 reverses the effects of sun damage, that can otherwise lead to skin cancer.

Our Retinol is also safe to use all year round, even in sunny climates.  A small amount of Retinol Silk 100 goes a very long ways, so you will find our container lasts for many months.

Twist and pump enough cream to protect critical areas on the face and neck.  Use after cleansing the face and neck every evening.  Skip use on nights that you use our Weekly Peel Pad.  Also, stop our Retinol at least 3 days prior to aesthetic procedures to the face

Regular Price: $95  


Weekly Peel Pads contains 10% Gylcolic acid, 10% Lactic acid and 10% Salicyclic acid, the three most common ingredients in chemical peels.  Do you find you don’t have the time, or perhaps the money to go monthly to an aesthetic specialist for a peel?  Are you motivated to spend $1 per week on a treatment that takes less than a minute to apply?  Then this peel is for you!

Once per week wash your skin thoroughly with our Total Cleanser.  After drying, open the jar of Weekly Peel Pads and remove one cotton pre-moistened pad that is ready to use.  Apply it to the full face and allow it to dry for the next 3 minutes.  If you have a history of sensitive skin you may wish to remove the peel after 15-30 minutes by using our Cleanser with facecloth and water.  Over subsequent weeks, try leaving the pad on for progressively longer lengths of time.  Many of our users find that they quickly build up tolerance and can leave the peel solution on over night.

These gentle but therapeutic peel acids accelerate skin renewal and turnover (glycolic), work to remove oil from blocked pores and glands (salicylic) and at the same time nourish the skin by drawing back moisture (lactic).  Use it for a month and you will see the results – brighter skin, more even surface architecture and improved elasticity.  Continue weekly for optimal anti-aging results.

One jar of 60 pads last over one year!  Regular Price: $60  

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Omaha’s Choice for Botox, Fillers, Testosterone Pellets and The OWL Diet for 15 Years!

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