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Looking for the best new aesthetic treatment?

You just found it and the name is Genius!


Look at what Genius will do for you:

Lifts and Tightens the skin of your face and neck better than older treatments

Reduces wrinkles

Makes large pores smaller

Eases the appearance of scarring from acne, chicken pox and lacerations 

How does Genius Deliver these amazing results?

Each pulse of Genius delivers a cluster of 64 tiny needles.  We call it “Micro-needling on steroids”

Each needle is gold plated and smaller than regular micro-needling devices – so you get the benefits without the pain

Each needle is insulated to protect the outer epidermis leading to remarkably short recovery times of 1-2 days of redness.  Faster recovery that SkinPen!

The machine custom delivers the needles to the correct depth of the dermis, and only when it is at the right depth the intelligent technology delivers a pulse of radio-frequency energy.

The radio-frequency energy causes heating of the dermis and this in turn leads to maximal collagen and elastin production over the next 3 months.  This is the skin tightening and non-surgical lifting.

During a face treatment using Genius you will receive approximately 800 pulses of micro-needling with RF energy delivery.

Is Genius painful?

Trust us when we say the micro-needling part of this treatment is not painful.  But the benefits of over 50,000 micro-needle punctures in one treatment are huge!

The RF energy creates heat, and the heating is uncomfortable.  We manage that discomfort using a very strong 23% lidocaine / 7% tetracaine cream – applied for a full 30 minutes before your treatment is begun.

We also cool the skin using a Zimmer Chiller – a simple but very effective device that blows cold air over the skin during treatment.

You will rate the pain per pulse at a 3-6 out of ten.  The discomfort is only during the brief microsecond of each pulse when the skin is heated.  Between pulses there is no pain, and at the end of the treatment the pain is gone.  The results of Genius make it all worthwhile.

Some patients take Tylenol 1,000 mg (two extra strength) when they leave home, and this also helps

What about recovery time?

You would think a treatment that delivers this much benefit would have to come with a long recovery period, but with Genius that is not the case!

You will be red the day of treatment, but by the next day the redness is improving, and by 48 hours almost all of the redness is gone.

No bruising at all!  No skin peeling at all!

Most of our patients feel comfortable to return to work the next day.  If you want 2 days off at home then we suggest you book your visit on a Thursday afternoon, Friday or Saturday morning.

When will I see results?

You will see improvement in your skin color, pores and scars within a week.  The skin tightening benefits build continuously over the next 3 months.

What is the Home Care?

At Omaha Med Spa your provider will apply a special serum right away.  We call it Peptide Booster and it soothes by drawing moisture into the skin.  Peptide Booster also has all of the proteins needed to help stimulate collagen production.  You will need to apply this product as often as hourly for the first day, and then at least twice a day for the next month.

After 3-7 days add our “Vitamin C&E Serum” which delivers the correct Vitamin C to the skin, also needed in the production of collagen.

Start using a sunscreen the following day.  Reduce sun exposure for the next week.

After one week start “Retinol Silk 100” at bedtime.   For the next 3 weeks you will apply both serums in the am,. and pm and use the Retinol at night.

Peptide Booster, Vitamin C&E serum and Retinol Silk are our branded products, and they are very important for the success of your treatments.  Together all 3 products sell for $270, but on the day of your treatment you may buy them for $250.

I’m ready to book my Genius.  What else do I need to know?

Arrive well hydrated on the day of treatment.  No makeup and no face or neck jewelry.  Wear a comfortable T shirt that exposes the full neck area.

Consider treating the neck the same day.

Know that you will have the option to Add on a LaseMD treatment of the face (or face and neck) the same day.  This additional treatment will give your skin a glow and actually shortens your recovery time!  The add on cost is less than a separate visit for LaseMD.

Your best results will occur if you commit to 3 Genius treatments, spaced at least 4 weeks apart.  The benefits will then last for several years, but may patients do a maintenance treatment every 6 -12 months.

People of all skin colors may receive a Genius treatment.  And you may be treated any time of the year, even if your face is tanned.

LaseMD works best with fair skinned individuals

    View the neck images below.  Before image is above.  After image is below.  Patient received 3 RF Micro-Needling treatments

    RF Genius to tighten neck skin

    View the face images below, courtesy of Dr S. Weiner showing improvement of skin laxity and wrinkles after only two RF Micro-Needling treatments


    Male Face and Neck treated with Genius

    View before and after images below, courtesy of Dr J. Kaufman after 3 treatments


    Before and After Neck RF microneedling

    Before and after images courtesy of Dr. S. Weiner showing improvement of wrinkles after two treatments.

    Aging changes in an womans face

    Improvement of Acne scarring before and after images post 2 RF Micro-Needling treatments

    Before and after RF microneedling for acne scars

    acne scars cheek before and after treatment

    Genius Pricing

    Face $750 per visit / Pkg of 3 visits for $1,500 (Package Savings Buy 2 Get One Free) /Add on LaseMD same day additional $300 per visit

    Neck $750 / Pkg of 3 visits for $1,500 (Package Savings Buy 2 Get One Free) / Add on LaseMD same day additional $300

    Face and Neck Same Day $1,500 / Pkg of 3 visits for $3,000 (Package Savings Buy 2 Get One Free) / Add on LaseMD Face and Neck same day $400 per visit / Add on LaseMD Face, Neck and Upper Chest same day $500 per visit

    Hyperhidrosis underarms $1,500 per visit


    Omaha’s Choice for Botox, Fillers, Testosterone Pellets and The OWL Diet for 14 Years!