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Genius is the latest and best aesthetic treatment that achieves all of the following

  • Remodels the dermis by stimulating high levels of collagen and elastin production
  • Lifts & Tightens the face and neck
  • Reduces Wrinkles 
  • Safe for Face and Neck
  • Discomfort managed with numbing cream and Zimmer chiller
  • Rapid Recovery of 1-2 days of redness (for most people)
  • Replaces older CO2 Resurfacing Lasers
  • Can be used all year round including treating tanned skin
  • Can be used on all skin types 
  • Can be used on all colors of skin – caucasian, asian, hispanic and blackGenius RF Micro-Needling device
  • Genius is a true breakthrough, combining the proven benefits of both micro-needling and RF (radiofrequency).  It combines these two treatments into one, and elevates the sophistication of the device leading to greater results than we have ever seen from either treatment on it’s own
  • We can now achieve the same results as seen with resurfacing lasers, but without the pain or recovery time.  Resurfacing lasers were always limited to treating only the face, but Genius is safe for the face and neck
  • Patients see early results within one week, and the benefits build over the next 3 months
  • Completing a package of 3 treatments spaced one month a part will lead to long lasting results
  • One maintenance treatment every 6-12 months will maintain the benefit
  • Genius pairs beautifully with LaseMD, our fractionated non-ablative laser – leading to a result we call “The Total Skin Care Solution”
  • Genius works to Beautify, Clarify and Renew

RF micro-needling image of skin treatment

  •  Each area is treated 2-3 times. Genius knows how to alter the depth of treatment for optimal results and safety
  • This is High Precision RF Micro-Needling.   At the start of each treatment a new precision needle tip is attached.  It contains a cluster of stainless steel needles that are gold plated (this conducts the RF energy) and insulated (to protect the outer skin, leading to shorter recovery times and our ability to treat all skin types). The machine operator enters settings such as gender, age and skin color (Fitzpatrick typing).  Then based on location (upper face, lower face or neck) the machine safely guides the operator to treat each patient with two to three complete passes.  Each pass is automatically set for different depths, ensuring that over 30% of the entire dermis is exposed to therapeutic levels of controlled injury.
  • Face and neck treatment is complete in 60 minutes
  • Radio-frequency uses radio waves as the source of energy to treat the skin (not light or laser).  RF heats the dermal skin with controlled temperatures of between 60-75 degrees Celsius.  Prior to this we were limited to achieving temps in the low 40’s.  This higher level of heating is in the sweet spot for maximal production of new collagen and elastin.  Within a week patients see firming and tightening of the neck and jowls, and this benefit continues to build over several more months. 

RF Genius to tighten neck skin

  • We are seeing tightening and firming of the face and neck that is simply incredible.  Look at the amazing result after only 3 treatments to the neck. Please note these images were achieved after use of Infini, the precursor to Genius.  Genius is a big step up from Infini with new built in safety features that uses feedback from the patient’s own skin.  The result is maximum results and safety for the patient.

Male Face and Neck treated with Genius

  • Deep wrinkles and lines also improve with Genius.  These are Dr. Steve Weiners results in a patient after only 2 treatments.

Before and After Neck RF microneedling

  • Another remarkable result, courtesy of Dr. Joely Kaufman.  These are doctors who participated in landmark trials that led to the FDA clearing the Genius device.
  • Genius preserves and protects the outer skin that we call the epidermis.  Other RF devices traumatize the outer skin, leading to more pain, long recovery times and the risk of altering a person’s natural skin pigment.  Genius on the other hand is very intelligent, allowing us to treat any skin type!  That’s Genius!

Aging changes in an womans face

  • I am excited to have a new treatment that will also work on mature skin – people over the age of 50-60 who are looking for firming and tightening.  Genius is a treatment that we can offer with confidence to people of all ages!
  • Dr. Steve Weiner states “Genius is the new gold standard for treatment of acne scars.” Genius is safer than laser, leads to results with fewer treatments and can be used all times of the year and on all skin types.  Dr. Weiner would know about treating sun damaged and tanned skin as he has an office in Florida.

Before and after RF microneedling for acne scars

acne scars cheek before and after treatment

  • Dr. Steve Weiner states “Genius brings the intelligence of the provider and technology into every treatment, by customizing treatments based on the quality of the patient’s skin.  It’s a true breakthrough in how to use RF energy. Genius delivers precision – needles delivered smoothly and consistently to the right depth.  The energy delivered is precise for each each patient, each treatment, each pass”
  • Comfortable for the patient with every pulse, every second
  • Fast treatments – face and neck done in about 30-40 minutes
  • Superior equipment delivering gold plated fine needles at the correct depths
  • Exclusive class leading feedback control system for patient safety and delivery of result

We are the first medical office in Nebraska to offer Genius and LaseMD!  Carter Abbott MD and Sonia Sublett-Adams APRN are pleased to bring this technological breakthrough to the people of Iowa and Nebraska at prices that everyone can afford.

Face and Neck Single Visit – same day treatment of two zones treated the same day   Price: $1,500

Package Deal: Buy 3 treatments Face and Neck for a Total Investment of $3,000  Ask about our in house finance plan so you can get your first treatment done right away!

Add LaseMD the same day that you receive Genius for the “Total Skin Solution”.  By bundling these treatments together, we are able to offer LaseMD for the Face & Neck for Only $400.  If you have sun-damaged skin on the upper chest, then perform LaseMD as a same day add on treatment – Face, Neck and Upper Chest for Only $600!

Acne Scarring Face Treatment with Genius costs $1,000 per visit, Pkg of 3 for $2,000

Omaha Med Spa was the first med spa in Nebraska to offer this cutting edge technology.  We have the experience to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable and effective treatment! 

Genius combines the proven benefits of dermal radiofrequency and microneedling.  The radiofrequency triggers production of new collagen over the next three months leading to firming, lifting and tightening that we have never been able to achieve in the past with older technology.  Each pulse of Genius also delivers the benefits of micro-needling for improvement of overall skin color, tone and remodeling of scar tissue from acne or injury.  The needles are the smallest and highest quality (34G stainless steel, gold plated and insulated to protect the epidermis from unwanted RF heating).

For the ultimate results, perform Genius to the face and neck the same day – two zones (face and neck) using two proven treatments (RF and micro-needling). This treatment is completed in one hour after which you will have received over 50,000 needle punctures, with each needle delivering carefully controlled RF energy to the dermis.  Genius is the most intelligent RF microneedling machine on the market today – nothing compares to the safety and benefits.   And here is one the the most remarkable things about Genius – the “downtime” consists of only redness that is gone in 48 hours!  No peeling, no bruising, no rashes.  It’s remarkable how fast the skin recovers when you consider the significant controlled injury that occurs.   What’s not to like about Genius?  It’s one of the most requested treatments at Omaha Med Spa.

The regular price for a single Genius Face treatment is $1,000, single Genius Neck treatment is $1,000 and single Face&Neck same day Genius treatment is $1,500


Omaha’s Choice for Non-Surgical Aesthetics – Now Serving You in TWO locations!
Call (402) 614-5556 today for a FREE consultation!