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The OWL Diet: Innovative Weight Loss in Omaha


Why we say The OWL Diet is the #1 Diet Plan for You

#1 Doctor Abbott – a doctor who understands the challenge of losing weight

Unfortunately, medical training does not equip most doctors with the knowledge they need to offer you a weight loss program that works.  The result is that most people are busy seeing doctors, getting treated for the diseases that obesity causes, instead of tackling the real problem – your weight!

Dr. Carter Abbott is a family doctor who in 2008 experienced the personal frustration of not being able to lose weight.  What he discovered was that he needed a program of eating healthy foods – specific guidelines to follow.  Older diets were too restrictive and limited in food selections, and some other diets simply did not work.  So, he created a new way of eating – and called his plan “The Omaha Weight Loss Diet” or simple “The OWL Diet”.  Allowing a large variety of foods totaling approximately 800 calories per day, spread out over lunch and supper meals with small snacks in between is the key to this plan.

The first two “OWL Dieters” were Dr. Abbott and his wife Lenore.  Together they lost 47 pounds.  Below are their ‘before and after pictures”

Owl Diet Before Photo

Dr Abbott and Lenore before The OWL Diet

Owl Diet After Photo

After they lost a combined 47 pounds!

#2 A Plan that works!  A plan for all people!

The OWL Diet does not fail people – period.  Let’s be honest here – if you can follow an 800 calorie per day diet on your own, you will lose weight.  This is pure “metabolic math”.  On 800 calories per day there is no man or woman of any age, and with any medical history, who will not lose weight.  So why doesn’t that happen?  The problem is that most of us won’t do it on our own without coaching and support.  We also try to cut calories in the wrong ways, or we think we are eating healthy but in most cases are still getting too many calories to be successful at weight loss.  And most people who try to diet on their own fail due to Hunger and Slow Metabolism.

The OWL Diet addresses all of these concerns.  We manage hunger and stimulate metabolism using a unique blend of different prescription treatment options, and using the best natural supplements that have been associated with weight loss.  We combine that with an amazing way of eating.  This is a clean, healthy food diet that offers you a wide variety of food choices.  There are no protein powders, bars or shakes.  We teach you how to shop, cook and eat real food!  We don’t sell you food – that wouldn’t be a long term solution.  The food portions will allow you to have two main meals per day and three snacks in between those meals.  The bottom line: The OWL Diet is a way to eat to lose weight and keep it off!  We combine that with prescription treatments that really make a difference.  And then we combine all of that with weekly support.

The OWL Diet today is the result of helping over 3,000 people in Nebraska and surrounding states lose weight.  We know what works and what doesn’t because we have been doing it for over a decade.  We have helped men and women from aged 21 to 80.  Some people just want to lose ten pounds, such as stubborn belly fat after the birth of their children.  Others need to lose over 100 pounds.  Many of our dieters have Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and Joint Degeneration.  We can work with all of you, and the plan will work for everyone who follows it.

#3 We Understand the Role of Exercise and Gender

Most people who want to lose weight start out by increasing their level of exercise and eating less food.  That’s the tired old message from most doctors “Eat less and exercise more”.  So why doesn’t that work?  Well, it can actually work pretty well for men, even as they age.  But for women it gets much harder to lose weight after age 35, especially if they have gone through one or more pregnancies.  In fact it’s just not fair.  Exercise works for men, but not for women over age 35.  The result is that women often become very frustrated by the slow weight loss from exercising.  What may have worked in their 20’s, doesn’t work now.  That’s why we see more women than men participating on The OWL Diet.  It’s not that women are bad eaters – it’s that their metabolism is very different than men, and it changes through the decades. Weight loss becomes even more challenging after menopause.  I believe the huge difference between men and women is testosterone.  Men need more than ten times the level of testosterone when compared to women.  Did you know that most women in their 40’s and 50’s suffer from the effects of low testosterone, including fatigue, poor sleep, drop in libido and difficulty losing weight?  In fact, we see more women responding to testosterone supplementation than men.

Here’s the key point regarding exercise and dieting – cardiovascular workouts make us very, very hungry.  The prescription treatments on The OWL Diet really help curb hunger, but exercise induced hunger is ravenous, and cannot be suppressed.  So while you are consuming 800 calories per day, and losing weight quickly, you must limit your exercise to mild to moderate levels of activity.  We want you to be active, because it is good for your emotional wellness, heart, blood pressure, sleep and more – but trying to sneak in too much cardio on 800 calories per day is simply not safe, and you will fail the diet.  Once you achieve your goal weight, then we encourage you to be as active as you wish, subject to your own physical limitations.

The bottom line here:  1. It’s all about what you eat  2. It’s harder for women to lose weight  3. You need to limit your physical activity while actively OWL dieting.

#4 Prescription Medication Options

There is no point in taking any prescription treatment if you do not have a diet plan to follow.  The OWL Diet teaches you how to “shop wiser, cook smarter and eat healthier”.  The secret of OWL Diet success is the wide variety of foods that you will choose from while you are actively losing weight.  We are teaching you new healthful food behaviors, which you will use to keep the weight off.

Phentermine Photo

The most effective diet medication available today is called Phentermine.  Phentermine is a stimulant that is taken by mouth, and works to increase your energy, curb your appetite and speed up your rate of burning calories.  Phentermine may be safely used by most patients, but there are some medical conditions that it can not be used with, or should be used with caution and monitoring.  Your ability to use Phentermine will be evaluated during your initial OWL Diet consultation.  Dr. Abbott has a variety of doses of Phentermine to increase patient safety.  These lower dose options are custom compounded.  We have seen tremendous results from the use of the correct dose of Phentermine.  Using the free app “GoodRx” you can obtain a month’s supply of Phentermine for as low at $10 per month!

Dr. Abbott also likes Vitamin B-12 shots and Lipo-B shots for energy and fat burning.  Lipo-B shots contain Vitamins B-12 as well as MIC (methionine, inositol and choline).

Topiramate (brand name Topamax) is another oral medication that is associated with weight loss, but with an unknown mechanism of action.

Low testosterone occurs in many men and women after age 40, as part of the aging process.  The problem with “low T” is its association with obesity, loss of energy and effects on sex drive and moods.  Patients who are age 40 or older are encouraged to have their testosterone blood levels tested, and if they are low may be given the option of using testosterone replacement therapy by injection or pellet implant.

Some of our patients choose to use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (Hcg) during active OWL Dieting.   Hcg is produced by pregnant women, and there are theories going back several decades that using a low dose of Hcg in men or women is safe, and that it helps in fat burning and weight loss.  Dr. Abbott has prescribed Hcg thousands of times, and by the power of observation finds that it is in fact very safe and that it does tend to help patients succeed on The OWL Diet.  Unfortunately, like Topiramate mentioned above, we do not know why or how Hcg seems to help patients.  Hcg is injected at home, once per day in the morning.  We train you how to self inject, and this is also described in Dr Abbott’s book on The OWL Diet.  You will buy one vial of Hcg from Dr. Abbott’s Pharmacy at the med spa and it will last you 80 days. We send you home with the shot supplies needed during that time.

As new and potentially better prescription treatments become available, then they will be evaluated by Dr. Abbott.  If they prove to be safe, affordable and effective, then these treatments will be added to the list of prescription treatment options used in conjunction with The OWL Diet way of eating to lose weight.

#5 Medical Supervision, Coaching & Support

We include weekly visits to the med spa as a component of your First Month of active OWL Diet participation.  This is very important, as it creates an environment of support, encouragement and accountability.  Time and time again, we see that the people who have the greatest success with weight loss make the time to come in and see our highly trained medical assistant staff every week. We will help you get on track and stack on track, so you can achieve your weight loss goal.  We show you the path to take, but you must follow it.  At the end of the First Month, you may continue with Additional Months of OWL Diet participation by attending once at the start of the additional month, and then having a follow-up visit at week 3 or 4 of that month.

Weigh Loss in Omaha Coaching Photo

OWL dieters who take medication for Diabetes or Hypertension need to be monitored.  As they start the diet, and lose weight, the need for these medications will change – in a good way!  Some Type 2 Diabetic dieters will get off all of their medication once they achieve an ideal body weight.  As Health Care Providers, we are there to help guide you to make the correct adjustments to your medications.

Diabetes blood sugar reading

#6 A Permanent Way of Life

The OWL Diet teaches you about healthy lower calorie eating.  This becomes a lifestyle choice.  No, you don’t diet forever!  But you do need to make permanent life changes, food behavior changes – and this is the key to keeping the weight off.

#7 Getting the Information that you Need

Too many diets from doctors are summarized on 1 or 2 pieces of paper.  That is simply not enough information!  You need to learn about behavioral aspects of dieting – such as hunger & comfort eating, timing for success, motivation, problem solving, dealing with family & friends while dieting and tips on travel.

Dr Abbott provides all of this information in his book “The Omaha Weight Loss Diet, 2nd Edition”.  The book provides the right amount of information, in a form that all people can read and understand.  This book becomes the resource to refer to during the active weight loss portion of the diet, and also the reference for life long maintenance of healthy food habits.

OWL: Omaha Weight Loss book

#8 A Real Alternative to Lap Band, Gastric By-Pass and other Bariatric surgery options

Approximately 10-20% of New Patients on The OWL Diet are morbidly obese, with high BMI readings.  They often have other diseases that are associated or caused by their obesity, such as Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease and Joint Degeneration.  If this is you, then you need to know that you have an opportunity to lose weight very quickly with The OWL Diet.  The more you have to lose, the faster that it comes off.  These men and women will frequently lose an average of 30 pounds in 28 days and up to 55 pounds in 8 weeks!  Patients who undergo Bariatric surgery incur tremendous financial expense and risk health problems down the road due to the negative long term effects of the surgery.  Even if the surgery goes well, they have to adjust to a markedly reduced calorie diet, but with a food selection that is greatly limited compared to The OWL Diet.

We believe it is better, safer and healthier to delay surgery.  Follow our 800 calorie per day OWL Diet right now and you will succeed.  You can lose weight naturally and avoid the need for surgery.  Successful OWL dieters don’t suffer with problems that are seen after LapBand and Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y) such as long term nutritional deficiencies and hair loss.


“How Quickly Will I Lose Weight?”

Men with a BMI of 30 or higher have lost of average of 22 pounds in the first month, and 20 pounds in the second month. Women with a BMI of 30 or higher will lose an average of 15-20 pounds in the first month, and an average of 15 pounds per month thereafter.


First 4 Weeks

Office Visits – one hour consultation with Dr Abbott or Nurse Practitioner followed by 4 weekly office visits for coaching, support and medical supervision: $300

The OWL Diet book, 2nd edition – topics covered include the 5 prescription treatment options, timing for success, problem solving, hunger control, motivation, what you can eat and drink, exercise and more: $29.95 plus tax

Metabolic Weight Loss Supplements – currently we are selling two products – Metabolic Lean $45

Metabolic Lean Owl Diet Supplement

Metabolic Lean compliments Phentermine

Additional 4 Weeks (anytime you come back to see us after the first cycle has been completed)

Office Visits – initial visit to update medical history, current medications, consent form and answer any questions that you may have.  We then see you at the end of this cycle: $125

Metabolic Weight Loss Supplements – currently we are selling two products – Metabolic Lean $45

Lab Testing

If you have had labs done with one of your other providers in the past 12 months please arrange to bring in a copy of your results with you to your OWL Diet consultation.  Otherwise we will offer to draw your blood in the office and charge you directly.  Our fee for lab testing ranges from $70 to $160.

Prescription Medications

Please note that the following list includes all of the prescription treatment options that we offer.  Dr. Abbott or the PA will discuss all of these treatments with you at your consultation.  The decision to use these medications will be made collectively between you and our Omaha Med Spa provider,  based upon a variety of factors including your medical history.

Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Prescriptions

Phentermine by mouth (in a variety of dosages)

Vitamin B-12 injections weekly at the med spa

Vitamin B-12 injections twice per week at home

Lipo-B injections weekly at the med spa

Topiramate by mouth (in a variety of dosages)

Testosterone injections for men and women at the med spa every 7-14 days

Testosterone injections at home for men and women

Testosterone pellet implants every 3-4 months for men and women

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Omaha’s Choice for Botox, Fillers, Testosterone Pellets and The OWL Diet for 15 Years!

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