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Body Sculpting

Two machines – named 
Evoke and Evolve
for total body sculpting solutions!
Try them both
*Low price guarantee

This new technology is the hottest treatment in Omaha today!  Omaha Med Spa is the only med spa in the Omaha metro that has both machines, allowing us to treat the following body areas: cheek, jawline, chin/neck, upper arms, upper legs, buttocks, back, chest and abdomen. Evolve is the only machine that works on all 3 body sculpting goals – skin tightening, fat burning and muscle toning.  Treatments are customized

Evolve and Evoke use RF (radiofrequency) energy to safely and effectively tighten skin and burn fat.  You will need 3-9 treatments per body area.  Treatments are spaced one week apart.  If you want to spread them apart further that is fine as well.  Results occur over weeks to months with your final result occurring 3 months from the last treatment.

No pain!  This does not hurt, unlike other RF treatments on the market today.  Recovery time is short – lasting just a few hours.

Here’s something else to consider: Both Evoke and Evolve machines are located in our dedicated body sculpting room.  You can take advantage of both machines at the same time, during each visit (based on your treatment goals, and the area of the body we are treating).  With two machines we are the only office in Omaha who can make this two for one offer.

Evolve before and after abdomen

Evolve results with multiple treatments of the abdomen

 Evolve can be used on the upper arms. the upper and lower back, the abdomen, the buttock, the thighs and above the knees.

Read more about Evolve here

Evoke is used on the lower cheeks and jawline for tightening, fat burning (if needed) and contouring.  Evoke has a separate chin applicator that goes under the chin to work in the same way – tighten, burn fat and contour your profile.

Read more about Evoke here


Evoke neck and chin

Improvement in neck profile with a package of Evoke chin treatments

Evoke chin profile improvement before and after

Front profile of the neck and jawline improved after Evoke treatments

Evoke billboard Omaha med spa

Come in for a Free Consultation with one of our PA’s so you can talk about your personal treatment goals and learn how Evoke and Evolve can work for you!

Save on Package Deals

Come in for a Free Consultation with one of our Aesthetic Providers so you can talk about your personal treatment goals and learn how Evoke and Evolve can work for you!  At that visit, you and your provider will match your goals to the right treatment plan.  The cost for a single one hour visit with Evolve, Evoke or a combination of both is $600.  Buying a package will save you money.  For example a package of six visits is $2,400 (average of $400/visit).  A package of nine visits is $3,150 (average of $350/visit). Once you complete nine visits you become a VIP at Omaha Med Spa and further single one hour visits are only $300.  We are the only office in the Omaha metro that offers both Evolve and Evoke.  During your one hour visits you will be given the opportunity to use both machines during the same visit for the same price.

Evolve abdomen

Another Evolve success story after multiple treatments.

Low Price Guarantee on Evolve/Evoke!*

We Guarantee that you will receive the lowest price deal on Evolve/Evoke*

*If you find a competitor in the greater Omaha metro that quotes you lower than us, we will match that price and even give you an additional $100 Off.  To redeem the Low Price Guarantee on Evolve/Evoke you will need to provide a written quote from the competitor that lists your name, the deal offered, the price, the name of the business and have this quote signed by a provider (MD. PA or APRN) from that office.

Call us to Schedule your Evolve/Evoke Consultation

(402) 614-5556

Evoke Body Contouring

Evolve Body Contouring


Reviews of Omaha Med Spa

I am happy with the results of the Evoke procedure that I had done.  There was no pain involved or down time and it really helped the texture of my skin.  My cheeks and chin line are more defined.  Omaha Med Spa is the best place to go, the staff are kind, and they keep me looking great!

— Donna Davis


I met with Brittany Reeg PA-C and Dr Abbott today for the first time. I was blown away with the professionalism, knowledge and genuine care given to me. They took the time to truly listen to my concerns, analyze and advise on natural approaches to filler and Botox. I am excited about aging gracefully with their help. I highly recommend!!

— Stacey Reid


A wonderfully kind reception staff! I was made welcome immediately. The excellent service provided my Dr. Abbott and Brittney was remarkable. I highly recommend!

— Alice Jones


I love Omaha Med Spa and have been going here for almost a year now. I recently met Dr. Abbott at their new office and he exceeded my expectations. He took his time to listen, examine, and explain everything to me. Amazing services and results. I highly recommend Omaha Med Spa!

— Taylor B


Brittany, PA-C did a fantastic job with my visit. She was professional, diligent, and I will definitely be back.

— Lauren Hays


The staff and physician are very friendly are very accommodating for your appointment.  Very clean office and exam rooms, with Covid, everyone wears mask patients and staff alike. I would recommend their services to my friends.

_ Terri Sheldon


Great experience, beautiful office, and ample parking!

— Jennifer G.


Dr Abbott was very professional and experienced. I had complete faith in his knowledge and experience of the procedure. I was very happy with the results.

— Joni P.


He was very professional, very calming and answered all of my questions.

— Patti F.


My experience at Omaha Med Spa was amazing! Dr. Abbott knew and understood what I wanted.  He did not try to pitch a sale for other services like most places would. I will be going back and would highly recommend to others!

— N.N.


I felt comfortable from the time I made the call and then walked in the door. The Dr. and his staff made me feel very welcome and I was explained the benefits and value of the services I was wanting. As well, Dr. Abbott gave me an excellent assessment of what I needed and could expect from his treatment.

— Christopher W.


He was very down to earth. He actually understands what he is talking about and was able to explain things so they were easy to understand. His staff were absolutely wonderful.

— Angela B.


I have had a couple bad experiences at other med spas and a friend told me about Omaha Med Spa. After scheduling an appointment I knew I wouldn’t be trying anymore deep discount pricing offered at other places. Dr. Abbott is the type of doctor that wants to keep you looking natural. He gives you his honest opinion and the prices and specials they offer are competitive. He keeps up to date on all the newest procedures and products. Also he offers a payment plan which most places don’t and that’s nice for those who want to try new things but may not have all the money one time. Everyone is extremely friendly there. I would highly recommend Omaha Med Spa, as I have to many of my friends. And I get a referral credit! Thank you Omaha Med Spa!

— K.J. woman aged 57


I have used Omaha Med Spa for Botox and The OWL Diet. I love how easy it is to schedule appointments, and how flexible they are. I have three kids so, I always have to move my dates and they are always so willing to make changes. I did get Botox at another med spa in Omaha and was very unhappy with the results. D. Abbott listened to my concerns and worked with me so I got the results I was looking for.

— A.C. woman aged 41


Omaha’s Choice for Botox, Fillers, Testosterone Pellets and The OWL Diet for 15 Years!

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