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The OWL Diet

There is only one OWL Diet, and it is Only available from it’s creator, Dr. Carter Abbott at Omaha Med Spa.

The Omaha Weight Loss Diet, or OWL Diet for short, was created by Dr. Carter Abbott as a safe and effective way to lose weight.  It works, and over 3,000 participants have not just lost weight, they also have learned how to eat healthier for permanent weight loss.

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OwlDiet_BookStackPatient Reviews “I did my research online & I decided to go with The OWL Diet program. This diet has made a lot of changes in my life. I am eating better and so is my family. Every week on the diet I lost weight. I lost the weight, I am keeping it off and I feel great.”

Debbie, age 59 Total Loss: 85lbs

“After we got engaged we also had a loss of Ben’s mom and she had several health issues; with her weight being a contributing factor. We both had weight to lose and the loss of Ben’s mom helped us realize that we need to do something about our weight. Ben looked into the diet and we decided to do the diet together. Ben was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic back in 2007 and he has struggled with controlling it. With losing weight and feeling better he’s able to control it without use of medication. This diet worked! We did it together and so far we have lost over 150lbs.”

Ben, age 35 Total Loss: 77lbs

“I have actually done pretty much every diet you could ever imagine and I have never been able to keep the weight off. After other diets I would typically would go back to my unhealthy eating habits. “I started The OWL Diet at the beginning of the year and lost 47lbs in 10weeks. . I have so much more energy and I feel fabulous.” I have found this diet is more of a lifestyle change around food. The OWL Diet has taught me how to eat properly, to avoid processed foods, and how to cook properly with healthy ingredients. What I’ve learned has taught me how to eat for the rest of my life. I am a nurse and I love the fact that this program was designed by a real medical doctor. Now when I go out to eat I know which foods to choose from. Shopping for new clothes has become fun again. I have inspired my friends to lose weight as well.”

Heidi, age 38 Total Loss: 47lbsFrequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

When did The OWL Diet start?

Dr. Abbott developed The OWL Diet (Omaha Weight Loss Diet) in 2008 so that he and his wife Lenore could lose weight quickly, safely and keep it off permanently. It worked! They both lost weight and, more importantly, have kept it off!

What is The OWL Diet?

The OWL Diet is a calorie reduced diet that provides 3 meals per day, and snacks between meals. During your weight loss journey we want you to stay well hydrated.  To make this as easy as possible, Dr. Abbott  allows for the use of caffeine, diet soda pop and even alcoholic beverages.  We then combine this healthy way of eating with mild to moderate physical activity.  Participants purchase a copy of Dr. Abbott’s book on weight loss, providing detailed information on food choices, motivational tips, and the maintenance plan to keep the weight off.  During the initial consultation, all participants are evaluated for the use of up to 5 different prescription medications.  You and the doctor will decide what is right for you.  Some participants choose a natural approach and prefer to use no medications, and that is also acceptable.  We sell you all of the vitamins and supplements that you will need, conveniently organized into a packet to take at lunch, and a packet to take at supper.  Dr. Abbott uses Douglas Laboratories for “made in the USA” vitamins & supplements, to ensure safety and quality of ingredients.

What makes The OWL Diet different?

People want to lose weight quickly, but do it in a safe fashion. By working with a health care provider who offers The OWL Diet program you benefit from the opportunity to combine prescription medication that helps with hunger control and promotes fat burning. We also see you weekly for medical monitoring, support and encouragement. This is what a medical weight loss program is all about!

Shrimp stir fry in a cast iron skillet

Shrimp stir fry in a cast iron skillet

What are your results? How much weight can I lose?

The average women who follows The OWL Diet protocol loses an average of 15 pounds per month. The average male loses 22 pounds the first month, and 20 pounds per month on average. The OWL Diet has helped people lose over 100 pounds, and keep it off permanently.

Patient Reviews “I am off the program now and I’ve maintained my weight loss. I have tried many diets in the past. When I say many diets I mean pills, magic potions, working out, and everything else you could imagine. My wife looked into this program after three family friends came to us who had success with The OWL Diet. We then both decided to do the diet together. Although I decided to join the diet with her for support, I soon realized that it was a healthy journey we would take together. This wasn’t just a diet, it was a program towards developing good food habits. This program helped me stay accountable. The staff and doctor genuinely care about your weight loss. With this weight loss I have gained confidence and I am now active with my family. I love myself, I feel confident, and I can keep up with my kids.”   Jay, Age: 35 Total Loss: 29lbs



“As a patient of the Omaha Med Spa for the past several months, I have been incredibly happy with the caring service and support by both Dr. Abbott and all of his fabulous staff. They have been very encouraging while I have been on The OWL Diet; I actually enjoy my weekly weigh-ins!! I am going to miss everyone once I reach my goal.   I have also tried a few other spa services that Dr. Abbott provides and could not be more pleased with the results. Having never tried Botox before, I found it to be fairly painless and a great value. I love the results! During my initial consultation with Dr. Abbott, we also discussed using filler on my lips as they were on the thinner side. After a few months of consideration, I decided to go ahead with the procedure, and I could not have been more pleased! I love the way look!! The procedure was pretty quick, only half an hour, not very painful, and thankfully, I had a little bruising. Dr. Abbott was reassuring during the entire procedure and is very knowledgeable about the products he uses. I have recommended him to several of my friends, and will continue to do so in the future.”


“Omaha Med Spa is so welcoming and friendly. I know that the staff will be helpful in my weight loss so I can reach my goal. I was so pleased with my results of my first week. Thank You OWL Diet!

P.J. woman aged 58

couple_owldietIs The OWL Diet easy to follow?

Dr. Abbott believes that dieting is never easy! To be successful, you have to be willing to commit, focus and sacrifice. The beauty of The OWL Diet plan is that you are rewarded for your sacrifice! The OWL Diet plan works.

What is the maintenance plan?

One of the keys of The OWL Diet’s success is that it promotes healthy eating. We do not sell you milkshakes or prepackaged food. We teach you how to shop for the right foods, prepare them in healthy ways for you and to maintain those healthy food habits for the rest of your life. That is the key to permanent weight loss.

What are the prescription medications that you offer?

The OWL Diet currently offers low dose Hcg shots or transdermal cream, B-12 injections, Phentermine, Topiramate and Testosterone. Dr. Abbott will determine which combination of prescription medications is right for you, after he reviews your medical history.  The compounding pharmacy will bill your health insurance plan for the cost of all medications (excluding testosterone).

How much does The OWL Diet cost?

Dr. Abbott has worked hard to keep The OWL Diet plan at a cost that anyone can afford it. How can you place a value on your health? But in the end, the plan has to be affordable.

How long do people stay on The OWL Diet?

Our average participant needs to lose about 50 pounds. This means that most people need  2 – 3 months on the plan.


OWL Diet Pricing

Office Visits, Lab Testing, Vitamins/Supplements, The Owl Diet book 2nd Edition and B-12 shots in med spa:
  • Initial Consultation with Dr. Abbott (booked for one hour)
  • Education on the diet plan and training in the proper use of prescription medication
  • Weekly med spa visits with OWL Diet trained nurses and medical assistants for weigh-in, monitoring, coaching and support (5-15 minutes each visit)
  • The total cost for office visits is $260 for the first month, and $160 for additional months.
  • Optional use of Injectable Vitamin B-12 – in med spa ($60 for 4 injections)
  • The OWL Vitamins and Supplements – take one tablet three times a day – $29 plus tax
  • You will purchase a copy of Dr. Abbott’s book – The OWL Diet, 2nd Edition – 163 pages containing all you need to know to lose weight, and then keep it off – $29.95 plus tax
  • Dr. Abbott will discuss prescription medication options that includes use of phentermine in 4 dosing combinations, topiramate, and Hcg (shots or cream)*  These prescriptions will be billed directly to your insurance company by the pharmacy, and the cost is not included in your visits to Omaha Med Spa
  • Annual lab work – ranges from $49 to $79.  We can draw your blood at either Omaha Med Spa location on the day of your visit.  Fasting is not necessary

The OWL Diet Vitamins & Minerals
Bottle of 90 tablets for only $29


Healthy lifestyle concept, Diet and fitness

Patient Reviews “Omaha Med Spa is a fabulous center for weight loss. All employees are very supportive in your journey on the OWL Diet. I’ve lost 25 pounds and have never felt better. Thank you to everyone at the Omaha Med Spa.”

J.S. woman aged 34

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!   Dr. Abbott and his staff helped me get my life back! I was at the point of just living to die, due to the weight I had allowed myself to gain. I had lost 80+ pounds and found myself creeping up again with a lot of life changes. Then a friend of mine was doing research and came across the OWL Diet, we came in and met with Dr. Abbott and signed up for two months. I have been on the diet for almost 1 month and have lost 22.6 lbs. and gained my desire to live again with the knowledge of how to be successful in my journey.”

K.B. woman aged 52

“As a 33 year old mother of 3, I noticed something different in my life. After my youngest child was born, I was not able to drop the baby weight as easy as I did with my first two pregnancies. As CEO of a growing company and ‘mom CEO’ of my family, I felt in control of everything except my health and my weight. I am a very busy person and I tend to be a stress eater along with eating most of my calories in the late afternoon into the evening. Even though I am only for weeks into the OWL Diet, I definitely feel more in control. When I eat, it’s easy to make the right choice.”

A.B. woman aged 33

“This program is nothing short of miraculous. It is the only weight loss method that has worked for me. I gained 25lbs. while dating my future husband, another 25 while pregnant with our child, and another 25 while being a new mother. I dieted for the next 22 years without success. Then, I found Dr. Abbott’s program. I have lost 65 pounds to date and plan to shed the final 10 this month. Thank you!”

A.S. woman aged 53



Interest Free Financing

Any med spa purchase of $500 or more qualifies for our interest free financing option.

You pay 50% of the total on the day of service, 25% in 30 days and the remaining 25% in 60 days.

A small convenience fee of $10 is added to each financed charge.

And, you may use your HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flex Spending Account) to pay for your weight loss!




Patient Reviews “I have lost 20 pounds on the OWL Diet and I am still losing! I have tried many weight loss programs over the years, and I would use two words to describe what sets Dr. Abbott’s program from others: credibility and accountability. Credibility in the sense that I trust the program; it is supervised by a medical doctor and health staff. Secondly, the support from working with Dr. Abbott and the staff has helped me be more accountable to myself while I am losing weight. In addition, I like the food plan. I don’t get hungry, and I am learning new eating habits. I am wholly pleased with my experience at the Omaha Med Spa, and I highly recommend it. “

R.C. man aged 62

“I love Dr. Abbott and Lenore! They are so caring and attentive to all my needs. I have done the OWL Diet and they are always available for my questions and concerns. I am so impressed with my results, worth every penny!”

M.T. woman aged 47

“I am a repeat patient at Dr. Abbott’s Med Spa. I have been a successful patient using the OWL Diet. The staff is very polite, always helpful and I have referred several friends and family there. I will continue to be a loyal patient of Dr. Abbott’s.”

C.S. woman aged 47

“After seeing the success my wife had on the OWL Diet, I decided to try it too. I lost 50 pounds in 4 months. The staff was very supportive during my weight loss. I would highly recommend Omaha Med Spa to anyone interested in losing weight.”

M.S. man aged 50

med_spa_16 “Dr. Abbott and his staff are truly amazing! They helped me lose weight that I’ve struggled to lose before coming to them. The nurses are great coaches and support team. They’re angels in my eyes and helped me achieve so much. Thanks for all you do!”

A.C. woman aged 28

“I have always had a problem with my weight since I was a little kid. I have been on EVERY diet known to man. I have even had the lap band surgery to help with my overeating, but I was still having a problem with my addiction to SUGAR, until I happened to find myself going to the Omaha Med Spa for a chemical peel and there was the answer to my prayers on a poster-The OWL Diet! I had previously read information about this diet on the internet not realizing this was the place that the diet had originated from! I am pretty sure god brought me to this spa for a reason. With pure excitement and desperation I made an appointment to meet with Dr. Abbott about the diet. Being a nurse I had plenty of questions for him. I felt so comfortable with him and knew that this was the diet for me! This lifestyle change teaches you how to eat real food, no shakes or bars. I lost 47 pounds in about 2 months! Plus being followed by a doctor and nurses that I trusted-SOLD!”


H.B. woman aged 37


stock-photo-47954946-steak-cooking-over-flaming-grill - Copy

“Omaha Med Spa has helped me to not only lose weight, but has helped me to learn the essentials to living a balanced and healthy life. Dr. Abbott and his team have always been extremely patient with me and very helpful. Not only have they helped me lose over 100 pounds since I started the OWL Diet, but I have been able to maintain the weight loss now for over 10 months since my completion! I have referred many friends to the Omaha Med Spa and many have shared in weight loss success. Thank you, Dr. Abbott for your help!”

T.B. man aged 36



“I have been overweight my whole life. Being uncomfortable in my own skin I didn’t like discussing my weight with others. Most doctors have only criticized me rather than truly support and motivate me; Dr. Abbott definitely goes against the grain. He and his staff are so warm and caring. I have not once been criticized, not even on a bad weigh-in. I have been treated with nothing less than the utmost respect at the Omaha Med Spa and given an unbelievable amount of support. As if it could get any better, Dr. Abbott’s own OWL Diet is fantastic. I have experienced amazing results in a short amount of time. I lost 8 pounds in the first 4 days alone! I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Abbott and the Omaha Med Spa to any of my family or friends.”

S.H. woman aged 34

Sliced roast skinless turkey breast

Sliced roast skinless turkey breast


“The OWL Diet really works! The counseling and friendly staff are all there to help me get to my goal! I feel great!”

D.B. woman aged 66

“We lost a total of 47 pounds between the 2 of us – You can too!” Carter Abbott MD and his wife Lenore

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Omaha’s Choice for Non-Surgical Aesthetics – Now Serving You in TWO locations!
Call (402) 614-5556 today for a FREE consultation!