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Dr. Abbott’s Skin Care System


Dr Abbott’s Anti-Aging 7 Step System

“Dr. Abbott’s Skin Care” provides you with a complete system of skin care that delivers genuine anti-aging skin benefits, providing treatments suitable for the face, neck and eyelids. With my system, you will start seeing the benefits after only a week.  Continued dedicated use will reveal a more youthful appearance.  This program of skin care fights wrinkles, while building collagen and improving overall color and tone of the skin.

When shopping for “anti-aging skin care” my patients often feel very frustrated and confused by all of the different products that are advertised, and outrageous claims that are made. We are bombarded with information everywhere – on our cell phones, social media, text messages, emails, as well as TV and magazines.  My skin care line has been selected based upon the known science of what works for the skin, incorporating key ingredients such as retinoids, anti-oxidants and peptides.  I encourage you to read this entire page, and become educated about what really matters when it comes to the health of your skin.  I don’t just promote my skin care products as being the best, I also endorse them for personal use by my wife and I.  With sustained use, we are seeing the benefits!

This is a system that is easy to use.  All of my skin care products have Names that are easy to remember, Steps are numbered from 1 to 7, and each product tells you if you are to use it in the Morning, at Bedtime or both.

With the Home Peel System treatments are clearly labelled for use on Monday and Thursday evenings.

Dr. Abbott’s Skin Care products can be used by people with all skin types, and all ethnicities.

Step 1 is Total Cleanser  This product ensures that your skin is clean before we start applying further Steps.  Total Cleanser gets the job done, am and pm, and only costs $30.

Total Cleanser

Total Cleanser

Step 2 is Vitamin C & E Serum  The key anti-oxidants for the skin are Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea – so I include all three of these anti-oxidants into this skin care product.  Antioxidants are needed to combat the damage to the skin that otherwise occurs in our day to day exposures in the environment.  They work to fight back and protect the skin from free radical damage that leads to aging of the skin. Vitamin C is also a co-factor needed for the production of new collagen in our skin.  Apply Vitamin C & E Serum to the face in the morning and evening for continuous protection.  Not all Vitamin C’s are the same! The best Vitamin C today is called tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, and this is the form that I use in my product.  It is better because it absorbs deeper into the skin compared to older L-ascorbic acid products, and it also has a much longer shelf life.  Vitamin C & E Serum comes in a brown glass bottle to protect it from degradation by sunlight.  A small amount of my serum goes a long way. Use the glass dropper to apply a  few drops onto the edge or tip of your index finger, and then transfer the serum to your face.  Vitamin C&E Serum costs only $80.


Vitamin C&E Serum

Step 3 is Peptide Booster, a serum that is rich in proteins and hyaluronate.  Hyaluronate attracts water to plump the skin, while the proteins are key components in anti-aging skin care, working collectively to provide younger firmer skin.  This important 3rd step is applied both am and pm. Using the glass dropper, apply a  few drops onto the edge or tip of your index finger, and then transfer the serum to your face. Peptide Booster is only $80.

Peptide B

Peptide Booster

Buy Step 2 and Step 3 together and Save $30!  Sold separately they are $80 each, but purchased together they are only $130


Step 4 is Ultimate Neck Cream A skin care line would not be complete if it did not include a product designed especially for the neck.  I call it the Ultimate Neck Cream.  This product contains everything needed – beneficial long chain proteins, niacinamide, hyaluronate, anti-oxidants and a retinoid for the neck called hydroxypinacolone retinoate.  Ultimate Neck Cream is sold in a large 1.75 oz (50gm) dispenser that will last several months.  Apply a thin amount to the neck both am and pm.  Affordably priced at only $90, you cannot go wrong with this product!


Ultimate Neck           Cream

Step 5 are your eyelid creams, called Morning Eye Cream and Night Eye Cream  The skin around our eyes can show our age, with fine lines and wrinkles. These products are rich with ingredients, providing the right amount of hydration, protection, anti-oxidants, long chain peptides and retinoids to keep your eyes looking younger.  A small amount of eye cream is applied to the eyelids.  Morning Eye Cream and Night Eye Cream sell for separately for $80, or as a pair for $130


Morning Eye Cream & Night Eye Cream

Step 6 is Face Moisturizer  This product is silky smooth, and works to hydrate and moisturize your skin. Face Moisturizer contains key ingredients such as oligopeptide-10, green tea extract and titanium dioxide to protect the skin from the sun, and comes in a large container holding 1.75oz (50gm) of product. Affordably priced at only $70


Face Moisturizer


Step 7 is my Retinol Silk and Peel Pad products.  I start my patients on Retinol Silk 50, applied to the skin 5 nights per week.  When they are ready to refill the Retinol, I encourage them to double the strength to my Retinol Silk 100.  You will find that my Retinol Silk products apply evenly over the face in a smooth silky fashion. A small amount goes a long way. Retinol Silk 50 and 100 can be safely used all year round, even in the warm summer months when the sun is brighter.  (remember to stop use of Retinol Silk products 3 days before facial waxing or other spa treatments such as IPL, laser, micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels, micro-needling, Pelleve or Ultherapy).  When you purchase “Dr Abbott’s Anti-Aging System” the package includes Retinol Silk 50.  Retinol Silk 50 sells for $85, and Retinol Silk 100 sells for $95.


Retinol Silk 50

Monday Peel Pads contains lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid – that work together to tighten pores, reduce acne, increase epidermal skin cell turnover and naturally hydrate the skin. The very first Monday that you use this product, you may experience a very light exfoliation of skin the next morning – this is easily removed with facial cleansing.  After that, you will not likely see peeling.  Use a Monday Peel Pad as Step 7 every Monday evening in place of Retinol Silk. A jar of 60 Thursday Peel Pads costs only $60.


Monday Peel Pads

Thursday Brightener Pads combine azelaic acid, phytic acid, lactic acid and ethoxydiglycol in a combination that works to brighten skin and lessen the appearance of brown spots from aging and sun damage. Use a Thursday Brightener Pad as Step 7 every Thursday evening, in place of Retinol Silk. Brown spots from age and sun exposure take longer to respond, but with continued use your skin will take on a new glow.  A jar of 60 Thursday Brightener Pads costs only $60.

Thursday Brightener Pads $60

Thursday Brightener Pads

Step 8 is Post Pad Moisturizer, used as part of the Home Peel System on Monday and Thursday nights. You will appreciate the rich ingredients in this product, designed to protect and hydrate your face, while allowing the acids in the peels that chance to renew your skin overnight.  Post Pad Moisturizer comes in a large 1.75oz (50gm) container and is affordable at only $70


Post Pad Moisturizer


Anti-Aging 7 Step System

Dr. Abbott’s Anti-Aging 7 Step System

Collagen Serums – includes both Vitamin C&E Serum and Peptide Booster.  This is packaged into a white gift box, suitable for gift wrapping, and ships for free* Package Price $130 Savings of $30

Anti-Aging Eye Creams – includes both the Morning Eye Cream and Night Eye Cream.  This is packaged into a white gift box, suitable for gift wrapping, and ships for free* Package Price $130 Savings of $30


Anti-Aging Eye Cream     Package

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