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 Why do so many people choose Omaha Med Spa for their Botox?

Dr. Carter Abbott has been offering Botox for over 10 years!  When you select Omaha Med Spa for your facial aesthetics, you will always receive Botox from the same person, and that person is Dr. Abbott.  We know that buying Botox is more than just shopping for the best price.  With Dr. Abbott you are getting the best possible Botox results and a fair price.  This is why he has become one of the busiest Botox Doctors in the entire mid-west.  It takes years of experience for a Doctor to learn all of the nuances of Botox. Dr. Abbott has what it takes!

Birthday Botox is a special price that you will receive once every 12 months around the time of your birthday (available 30 days before or after your birthday)

Buy 60 units at $9/unit for only $540!

BTXC-colorYou can get Birthday Botox all year round.  Read on to learn more. The more Botox you buy or get at a single visit, the cheaper it gets!  On any day of the year, you can match the price of Birthday Botox, by buying 60 units at one time.  Don’t need 60 units at a single visit?  No problem!  Buy 60 units at this low price, and “bank” up the rest to use as a credit at your next visit!  And when you buy 60 units of Botox for this price, we will even allow you to spread your payments over 60 days, using our “Interest Free Financing” option.  Call us for full details.

During your free consultation, Dr. Abbott will visit with you to ensure that the outcome of your treatment matches your Goals, Expectations and Budget. At this visit, we will review your medical history, educate you on how Botox works and it’s lengthy safety record when used to treat facial wrinkles. You will be provided with a personalized treatment plan, and the cost of treatment. If you decide against treatment – there is no charge.

Botox Cosmetic is very safe when used properly for facial aesthetics. We use a lot of Botox!  In 2017, Dr Abbott is projected to provide over 2,000 visits just for Botox!  You can trust us to offer fair pricing and excellent results!

We only use brand name BOTOX

Dr. Abbott has used other botulinum toxins known as Xeomin and Dysport, but has been disappointed with how long these products last. Botox is the best form of botulinum toxin, and Dr. Abbott will only use the best products for his patients.  Botox may cost a little bit more, but is well worth it in the long run.  This is the only form of Botox that we use.  We also abide by all FDA regulations and do not deal with illegally imported Botox.

Patient Review
“I have enjoyed my visit at Omaha Med Spa each time. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Dr. Abbott had me looking my best for my wedding in Vegas using Botox and Juvederm injections. He had all the right recommendations and I looked natural. Thanks, Omaha Med Spa.”

D.G. Woman Aged 44

What you can expect from Botox

Minimal discomfort as the injections are small insulin sized needles. Multiple injections are needed, and the number of injections varies by treatment area, and the pattern of your wrinkles. The injected area will be red and slightly swollen for several minutes – but by the time you leave the med spa it will have resolved. A small amount of bleeding may occur, but the risk of bruising is low. If a bruise does occur, it is often the size of a pinhead and no larger than an eraser-head. We allow application of makeup right away, so any small bruises are easy to conceal.
Botox typically takes 3-7 days to start to work. It works by temporarily blocking the nerve connection to the muscle. By relaxing the muscle, small lines and wrinkles soften or disappear altogether. The maximum relaxation is usually seen after 1-2 weeks. The benefit of Botox lasts an average of 3-4 months (with a range of 2-9 months) – each person is different. When Botox wears off, the wrinkles will return, but they are not worse.

Dr. Abbott’s goal is to achieve a more youthful, relaxed look with Botox. In other words, most people who are your friends, family and co-workers will notice a difference, but not know what you have had done. They will think you are looking more rested and relaxed. Our goal is to preserve facial expression – and avoid the “frozen face” or “startled look”.

Patient Review
“I have been to a number of Physicians and Nurse Practitioners over the years in Omaha for Botox and similar services. Dr. Abbott and his staff are the best. They ensure I completely understand the procedure, there is much less discomfort, and they are so friendly. I’m confident that I’m receiving the best services available…anywhere.”

J.C. woman aged 55

It is very important to assess the upper brow, as some of us develop a heavy brow that drops over the upper eyelid. Botox needs to be carefully performed in the forehead to avoid a side effect of a “heavier brow”. Botox placement into the muscles around the eye, at the outer end of each eyebrow may offset this risk, and contributes to a lift of the brow.  Dr. Abbott calls it a “chemical brow lift.”

Patient Review
“I thought it was wonderful the amount of time Dr. Abbott spent explaining everything to me before he began the treatment process. The results from Botox were amazing. I’ve had several people ask me what was different about me because I looked really good.”

“The staff and Dr. Abbott were all very friendly and informative. The Botox procedure was virtually painless and effective with great results. I highly recommend them.”

A.H. woman aged 43

Other uses of Botox on the face include treatment of “gummy smile”, ptosis of the oral commissure (drooping of the corner of the lips), relaxing of vertical lip lines (“smoker’s lines”), and relaxation of the mentalis muscle of the chin  (“golf ball chin” or what we call “peau d’ orange”).

Gummy Smile before Botox
Gummy Smile After Botox
Botox Pricing at Omaha Med Spa

Botox is measured in “units”. When we order Botox it arrives in sterile vials that need to be reconstituted (turned into a liquid form) prior to injection. Patients receiving Botox should be told what you are being charged “per unit” and how many units are injected.  Here is our pricing:

Birthday Botox (one month before and after your Birthday)  $9/unit

The Other 10 months of the Year (based on number of units purchased that day)

1 – 34 units  $11/unit

35 – 39 units $10.50/unit

40-49 units $10/unit

50-59 units $9.50/unit

60 or more units $9/unit

Patient Review
“I came to Dr Abbott on a total whim, after seeing the sign for Omaha Med Spa. I had just had Botox for my migraines and the Neurologist had really frozen my face. My eyelids were drooping and I couldn’t look up at all. I just felt that I looked horrible, and not myself at all. That day Dr. Abbott was able to “fix my face.” I was so impressed with the time he took listening and with his work in general. I left feeling li. I came back for Botox for migraines, and to help my frown lines and brow. I am impressed by how kind all the staff are. I have recommended your office to my friends. Thank you for what you have done for me. “

K.N. woman aged 30

There are 5 ways to
Save Money on Botox at Omaha Med Spa
#1 Rewards Program

We enroll you in a free rewards program called “Brilliant Distinctions”. At every visit you will earn points, that in turn saves you money instantly at your next visit.  We take care of printing off and redeeming your coupons.  We make it easy for you to save money!

#2 Refer a Friend Rewards

If someone comes to Omaha Med Spa on your recommendation and receives Botox you get a $50 Reward to use for your next treatment

#3 Birthday Botox

Once a year, you will receive great Botox at a great price!  Only $9/unit.  We offer this low price 30 days before, on and 30 days after your Birthday.  Happy Birthday to you!

#4 Buy 60 units

Buy at 60 units to get the best price of $9 per unit – use what you need and bank the rest up for your future visits.

#5 Take advantage of our Interest Free Financing

For example – if you spend $500 at one visit, pay only $250 that day, then $135 in 30 days and $135 in 60 days – with this plan your Botox is paid up in full before it wears off.  (we do charge a handling fee of $10 added to each financed payment).

Enroll online for Botox Rebates from the manufacturer
at the “Brilliant Distinctions” website and earn BD Points that convert to Rebates that may be used at your next visit for Botox.

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Omaha’s Choice for Non-Surgical Aesthetics – Now Serving You in TWO locations!
Call (402) 614-5556 today for a FREE consultation!